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Mitt Romney: Courting the Hispanics . . . I Need You to Vote that “Government Stay Out of Your Life!”

Yes, Mitt Romney needs the Hispanic vote to seal the deal and become President! But, what about the day after, it’s called “voters remorse.” Obviously, the day after is one day to late.

Let’s take a moment to look at the day after. Mitt Romney is now president and you’re still the working poor. Will you still be part of his grand plan? I think not! Why? Now, you’re what he considers “those people,” a means to an end. Don’t blame Romney! He told you from the beginning what he was going to do.

Remember! Romney did say that “these are people who pay no income tax, but they are people “who are dependent upon government, [what is Romney saying? Don’t depend on me because I’m at the top of the spectrum in terms of government and remember! You voted for less government.] Who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing, to you -name it.”

There should be big paper shredders at all the voting precincts for the people who will be voting for Mitt Romney and “

    they should be required to shred their food stamp cards, welfare cards, Medicaid and Medicare cards, their Social Security Cards, Disability Cards, School Vouchers and any other thing that they have on their person that connect them to the government, before they vote; to demonstrate a vote of confidence that they do indeed want the government out of their lives.”

Don’t forget to give them their “I want government out of my life sticker” along with their “I voted today sticker.” The Elections Department should have an additional form for the voters to sign stipulating that “they want government out of their lives!” to create a database of “no more government voters,” so when they show up at various governmental agencies [hospitals included] the entity can respectfully deny them service. Remember! “No More Government for you!”

If you feel that your life will be better off without any type of government assistance, regardless of the circumstance, then Mitt Romney is indeed the man for you and I guarantee you, Mitt Romney will be more than happy to give you the desires of your heart!


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YOUR VOTE Is Your Voice . . . And . . . YOUR VOICE is Your Vote . . . 2012 Series

What do you really know about the candidates that are running for president? Let’s take one at a time, starting with Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney Interview with Jim Acosta (July 13, 2012)

Let’s read some of the quotes that Mitt Romney is famous for:

“I should tell my story. I’m unemployed.”– Mitt Romney, speaking in 2011 to unemployed people in Florida. Romney’s net worth is over $200 million.

“I like being able to fire people who provides services to me.” – Mitt Romney, using an unfortunate choice of words while advocating for consumer choice in health insurance plans.

“I’m not concerned about the poor. We have a safety net there.” – Mitt Romney

“I get speaker’s fees from time to time, but not very much.” – Mitt Romney, who earned $374,000 in speaking fees in one year, according to his personal financial disclosure.

Let’s take a look at Mitt Romney’s 2012 Economic Plan:

Romney’s plan is to get the government out of business, because only the private sector has the economic muscle to create the millions of jobs needed. (This sounds like political demagoguery!) What specifically will he do? Let’s see the rough draft in black and white?

Romney also proposes lowering personal, investment and corporate taxes. (How exactly would he lower the taxes?) Show the public his plan, so that the public has time to review it and decide if he is worthy of their vote!

To offset the revenue loss, Romney wants to reduce non-defense government spending by cutting regulations and government departments.(What particular departments is Romney referring too? Spell it out, so that the public is clear on what departments will be downsized, outsource or eliminated altogether.)

Romney is also in favor of returning some of the federal power to the state level.

As you can see, all these vague statements are meaningless without qualifying explanations to substantiate the demagoguery that is being spewed at the public in pep-rally fashion. You walk away feeling elated until someone ask you, “Exactly how will Mitt Romney turn this economy around and get this country on the right track?”

Mitt Romney wants you to believe that he has your best interest and the interest of the country at heart, but he’s hedging his bet and his money in a bank overseas, but don’t worry, if all else fails, he’ll outsource America.

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Politics + No Vested Interest Creates “Continual Gridlock” on Capital Hill

Would it be fair to say that if the politicians were deciding on issues that affected them, bills would be flowing out of Congress like a well-oiled conveyor belt? But because the issues that the House and the Senate discuss on a daily basis will not affect them in the least and they have no vested interest in the “bill of the moment” outcome, then it becomes a game of monopoly, me versus you and I will trade all my railroads for your boardwalk property and at the end of the day, they can all walk away without guilt.

 Why? Because the actors and actresses on Capitol Hill appear to be acting out a script in a play rather than seriously entertaining any dialogue that would be beneficial to the public-at-large. Somebody needs to shake them out of their movie star roles, and get them to understand that their continual stance of ‘”I got one over them!” roles will haunt them come election time. Do they not understand that the United States is going through the worst recession/depression in its history, with no real light at the end of tunnel for years to come?

Who do they think will be held accountable? Can’t you hear them say collectively, like a well rehearsed choir, “NOT ME?” That’s where they’re wrong! The politicians need to run don’t walk and look at the face staring back at them in the mirror. Have they taken a good look, yet? Good! That’s the person that the public will hold accountable for this mess that we can’t seem to even begin to dig ourselves out of! Why, because, “Politics + No Vested Interest Creates “Continual Gridlock” on Capitol Hill.”

This is our government at work! Don’t worry, they will surely blow the budget and cry to the public to give them more time, during election time, to spend more money for even less work, if you can call it that! At this moment, it looks like they are having an extended ‘frat party” until the public wakes up and smell the coffee.

Let’s just tell it like it is! The politicians’ have no vested interest in the decisions or lack of decisions that they continually seem unable, incapable or unwilling to make. It makes the general public, sick to their stomach, to consistently see the politicians make the shameful walk to the podium and began to talk about what they want individually , but not what could be possible if they all took a step back on a daily basis and ask themselves, “Who put me in this position?” and “Why did they select me over the other candidate?” and “ What do I owe  my constituents’ for putting their trust in me and voting for me to hold this prestigious office?”

Each politician should ask, “What is my duty as a civil servant to my constituents’ and what is my duty to myself to be worthy of such an honor?”  All the “Grand Standing” needs to cease and desist.

All those clowns on Capitol Hill need to audition for Ringling Brothers Circus and leave the work on Capitol Hill for “Thinkers, Decision-Makers, and Movers & Shakers!” Oh! Don’t forget to chisel the oversized gavel from oversized Bone-Head Boehner’s Hands!”

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Debt Ceiling: “Treat the Citizens of the United States with the same “RESPECT” given to Banks and Other Entities!”

The government bailed out 930 banks, including insurance companies, auto companies, mortgage servicers, investment funds and state housing organizations across the country, costing more than $700 billion to date, with taxpayer’s dollars. As of today they have received approximately $275 billion in payments, leaving $425 billion in outstanding debt.

U.S. bailing out troubled companies and even entire states started in the 70’s.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

The History of Government Involved Bailouts:

Year Name of Company Amount Guarantor:
1970 Penn Central Railroad 3.2 Billion
President Nixon and Federal Reserve

1971 Lockheed 1.4 Billion Congress
Comments: Congress passed the “Emergency Loan Guarantee Act”

1974 Franklin National Bank 7.8 Billion Federal Reserve

1975 New York City 9.4 Billion President Ford
Comments: President Ford signed the “New York City Seasonal Funding Act”

1980 Chrysler 4.0 Billion U.S. and Foreign Aid
Comments: In 1980 the “Chrysler Loan Guarantee Act” was passed.

1984 Continental Illinois Nat’l Bk 9.5 Billion F.D.I.C. and The Federal Reserve

1989 Savings and Loan 293.3 Billion
President George H.W. Bush
Comments: President George H.W. Bush signed and Congress enacted the
“Financial Institution Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act in 1989.

2001 Airline Industry 18.6 Billion President Bush
Comments: President Bush signed into law the ‘Air Transportation Safety and Stabilization Act.”

2008 Bear Stearns 30 Billion JP Morgan and The Federal Government

2008 Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac 400
Billion Placed under Conservatorship
Comments: Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac placed under conservatorship of the
‘Federal Housing Finance Agency.”

2008 American Int’l Group 180
Billion Federal Reserve and The Treasury

2008 Troubled Asset Relief Program 700
Billion Congress
Comments: Congress passed the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.”

2008 Citigroup 280
Billion Various Companies
Comments: The Tarp Program, Government, Treasury, FDIC, Federal Reserve;
All had a hand in saving Citigroup.

2009 Bank of America 142.2
Billion FDIC, Treasury, Federal Reserve

2011 United States of America “Who will rescue the people of the United States?”

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Hats off to Mayor Gimenez: Making tough choices in tough times!

Having to reduce taxes and shrink the size of government while maintaining a sense of fluidity within the Miami-Dade County is no easy task for anyone, let alone Mayor Carlos Gimenez. Fortunately, having served as commissioner will prove beneficial in the next phase of his career.

Tough choices will have to be made in the days and weeks to follow, unfortunately, the tomorrow of the past is now today and unpopular but necessary decisions will have to be made to bring the deficit down and in compliance of the law.

What one must understand is that the government is the same size if not bigger than it was before so many of the cities within Miami-Dade County decided to incorporate. However, in reality, once Pinecrest, Doral, Aventura, Miami Lakes, Miami Gardens and others decided too incorporate, it took much needed county resources with it. Yet, Miami-Dade County never adjusted its payroll to accommodate the shortfall. Eventually, because of revenue shortfall, the county started to operate in the red and/or at a loss.

In business, you can only cover up a loss for so long, and then you will need to downgrade your operations or restructure to bring your business out of the red and into the black. “The term is called restructuring or downsizing.” The county never restructured to accommodate the loss. Had the previous administration made timely adjustments to accommodate the loss of revenue along the way, perhaps the situation would not be as bad as it is today.

As previously stated, Mayor Gimenez inherited a massive debt loss coming into and taking his position as Mayor of Miami-Dade County, much like the deficit inherited by President Obama. It’s not easy standing up against familiar faces, knowing that they have already pre-judged you before the work is done.

Remember, respect is not always given, sometimes it has to be earned and it appears that Mayor Gimenez will no doubt earn his share of respect in the days, weeks and months to come.

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Congratulations Mayor Carlos Gimenez! Now, get to work!

The challenges ahead are not for the weak and timid. Gimenez will have to make decisive actions on some major projects. With the county budget bleeding money every day, bandage approaches will not be sufficient. The changes made going forward will have to be permanent.

One of the issues that he should immediately address is the size of government. With so many cities incorporating from under the county’s umbrella and taking their valuable tax dollars with them, it has created a significant hole in the budget for Miami-Dade.

While 30,000 employees were necessary to operate the government 10 years ago, that number is not necessary today. That’s a Fact! Going forward, Gimenez will keep some old friends, gain some new friends and create some friends/enemies and straight out enemies along the way.

He will not be able to please everybody and they will come to know that it’s not personal, even when it’s personal, it’s just business; and he will have to perform his job with as much tact and diplomacy as possible, expecting to take some hits along the way. This is not just a prescription for Gimenez; the same methodology would apply had it been Robaina.

It’s the nature of the beast and Gimenez must know that from today and going forward, he will be standing in “the eye of the tiger!” the tiger being the budget and it’s components.

Because Gimenez was a former commissioner having dealt in the past with the same issues that he now faces as Mayor, it should not take him long to surround himself with the people, who will gather the necessary facts and figures to help him stop the bleeding and resurrect life with a balance budget for Miami-Dade County and a plan in place to push him through 2012 and beyond, based on transparency and accountability.

The road ahead will be tough, but you promised your constituents’, all of your constituents that you are the man for the plan!

“The constituents hats are off too you! And their confidence lies in you! Now let’s see what you will do, too prove yourself worthy?”

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The Budget is out of control…. and the Country is broke.

Cut the salaries . . . All the salaries!

No superior or boss in the government or county sector should be making more than $75,000.00,annually. No other employee should be making more than $50,000.00.

People! The government is broke! If you insist on making more than what should be allowed, then go into private industry.

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN? If a memo surfaced, that read: Effective Immediately, the government is bankrupt, which means you will then be without any income, not $5, $50, $500, $5,000 or $50,000, you will take home nothing! because you were too stupid to work with the government, now it has no choice but to declare bankruptcy.

Now! Not only do you get no salary, good people! Your pension is also off the table as well.

Are you happy, now? I’ll see you . . . when I see you! Don’t rush to get into the food stamp line, the government is broke. Don’t rush to get into the welfare line, the government is broke. Don’t rush to sign up for unemployment, the government is broke.

There will be no emergency assistance programs; you refused to compromise, so the programs no longer exist. Oh! Didn’t you know the emergency programs were subsidized by the government and you got it! The government is broke. If you don’t speak English and you need an interpreter to translate this for you, forget about it! The government is broke. No hay dinero para un intérprete, el gobierno está en quiebra

Either you work together . . . or you go bankrupt together . . . your choice!

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