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10 Postal Workers begin Hunger Strike to Save Jobs

Desperate time’s calls for desperate measures as 10 current and former postal workers launched more than 3-day hunger strike Monday to protest looming cuts and closures at the U.S. Postal Service.

The postal workers want the Postal Service to delay its July plans to start closing or consolidating 48 mail processing plants. By the end of 2014, when the plan to shrink the postal network is completed, 220 plants will be consolidated or closed and 28,000 jobs will be gone.

The postal workers also want Congress to eliminate a mandate that has been a major financial drag on the service annual $5.5 billion payments to prefund healthcare benefits for future retirees. The workers believe that eliminating the mandate would solve the Postal Service’s financial problems.

Unfortunately the statistician’s that report on the number of unemployed or underemployed is not being truthful to the public. The real number of unemployed workers are close to 70 million people.

Haven’t you wondered why the politicians keep saying that we created 100,000 jobs last month, but you personally can’t tell the difference? Initially when you hear the number 100,000 new jobs, you want to rejoice and say, hooray!

However, when you put that figure in prospective, with respect to the number of unemployed or underemployed workers, it’s only a period at the end of a sentence.

Driving or walking through the neighborhood, the reality of the economy hits you in your gut, when you see so many cars still in their driveway long after 9:00 am and you continue to drive out of your neighborhood and you see so many cars on the road as though they don’t know what else to do or who to turn too.

It is understandable for the postal workers to do all that is humanely possible to save their jobs and jobs of their peers. Unfortunately, the money is just not there nor are any possibilities that monies are coming in the future.

The Postal Service as well as the postal workers is caught in a no-win situation. You could probably debate both sides of the equation and agree with everyone, but in order for a business to survive, they must restructure. Anytime you mention restructure, it really means job cuts.

Good luck to the postal workers as they put on the fight of their life in an effort to preserve their jobs!

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