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New Child Support Debtors Law: Well Intended but Misguided

Old child support debts can prove fatal to those whose only source of income is “Federal Benefits.” Effective next year, according to the new child support law, thousands of poor and disabled men stand to lose their only income because of a change in government policy that will allow states to seize “every dollar of federal benefits from people who owe back child support.

Since last May, states have had the power to freeze Social Security, Disability and Veteran’s Benefits that have been deposited into those accounts.

In an effort to cut down on paperwork, The Treasury Department will start paying benefits electronically next March. Once paper checks are eliminated, about 275,000 people could lose access to all their income, advocates say.

Does this mean that the men who will be affected by this new law will now be entitled to welfare and food stamps?

Will the children involved in the back child support debts actually receive any of this new found fortune? The answer is, “Unfortunately, Not!” Most of the money will go to the government as repayment for welfare previously provided for those children, “not the children of the men with child support issues.”

There are many mitigating circumstances that would prevent a payee from not being current on their payments. Some include but are not limited to un-employment, under-employment, disabled, homeless, and mentally-ill or incarcerated, etc., “One size does not fit all!” Each case should be decided on a case by case basis. “To deprive a human being of any source of income is inhumane and uncivilized.”

This law should be revisited and revised to accommodate every ones’ need and the woman should bear more responsibility than previously given to her. This business of “we made a baby, now! you take care of him/her needs to end.” Both parties should be equally responsible for the childs’ welfare.

The New Child Support Law will only create more chaos and lawsuits, not smooth sailing as anticipated!”

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