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Special Prosecutor Angela Corey Will Work Through the Details of The Trayvon Martin Case Using Her Expertise: No Need For A Grand Jury

Angela Corey, special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case made a decision today that she will not need “The Grand Jury” to make her determination.

However, she is still sorting through the details of the case and will let the public know her conclusion as soon as the investigation is complete.

“Again. Special Prosecutor Angela Corey determined that she will not need The Grand Jury!”

Tune in for the latest developments on the Trayvon Martin Case.


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Opa-Locka Warehouse containing Marijuana: Goes Up in Smoke!

Marijuana Plants

It’s not unusual to find all sorts of things stored in a warehouse. But the latest discovery raises the bar to a whole new level.

Growing Marijuana was the latest find when firefighters showed up to the blaze of smoke bellowing from the warehouse.

The firefighters arrived at the warehouse, located at 13771 NW 18th Ave., in the Opa-locka-area approximately 3:00p.m., shortly after responding to a call and discovered that an illegally built mezzanine prevented the crews from going inside the building safely, but firefighters were able to contain the fire from the outside.

Once inside the building, they fought through smoke that emitted a strange smelling odor and discovered budding marijuana plants. It hasn’t been determined where the hydroponics lab is located inside the warehouse or how large it is, but officials has been working through the night trying to determine whose pot nursery it is and why it went up in smoke.

It’s unclear what started the blaze but as a precaution, some firefighters spent the night observing the blaze. This case is under investigation So far; no one has showed up to claim their pot and no one has been arrested.

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