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Renette Emile, 35, and mother of two: Fatally stabbed by her 16-year-old son, Kit Darrant

At first glance, you probably thought you read the title wrong, but unfortunately, the title is correct.

16-year-old Kit Darrant has confessed to at first choking his mother, Renette Emile, 35 and realizing that she wasn’t dead, went into the kitchen to retrieve a knife, then returning to her bedroom and subsequently stabbing her 14 times until she succumbed to her injuries.

This heinous crime was precipitated by an argument between Darrant and Emile over him staying out late on a school night. Just four days after the murder, Darrant invited a bunch of friends over to his apartment, where they apparently played music and partied until late at night; while his mother’s dead body was in the next room, authorities said.

In addition to his mother, Kit Darrant also shared the Northwest Miami-Dade apartment with his 3-year-old brother. His mother, Renette Emile, was found Wednesday night, nine days after police said Darrant attacked her in her bed, stabbing her 14 times.

“She was a good, hardworking mother,” said Emile’s sister, Rena Emile. The sisters were born in Haiti and came to this country when they were young. They have four brothers, three who still live in Haiti and the fourth lives in Miami.

Rena said the family grew up in Miami Shores, and Renette Emile graduated from Miami Edison Senior High School. At the time of her death, Renette Emile was going to nursing school and up until recently, was supporting her family by working as a security guard in her apartment complex, Jade Winds, located at 1720 NE 191st Street, in Miami-Dade.

Darrant, a student at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High, has not been in trouble with the law, other than a criminal trespass charge two years ago. School officials say, however, a crisis counseling team was assembled and would be available to go into each class that Darrant attended to “offer support.”

“He was very well known at school, very popular and active in school, clubs and played sports. It caught everyone by surprise.”

Said Eric Edelstein, the high school newspaper’s editor-in-chief.

This is the second high profile case involving a Krop student. Trayvon Martin, whose death made national headlines, was the first.

Rena Emile, Renette’s sister along with another family member, Jeanine Jolicoeur was making funeral plans on Friday and arrangements are incomplete at this time.

Rena said said she hasn’t been able to sleep or eat since she discovered that her sister had been killed and that she is still shaken by the gruesome turn of events.

“Only God knows the reason that Kit did something like this,” she said.

Renette Emile, dead at the age of 35, killed by her eldest son, Kit Darrant, 16, over an argument about him staying out late on a school night.

“Please pray for the family in their hour of need!”


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