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World Peace on the outside: Internal Turmoil on the inside

Metta World Peace, what a name to live up too with such turmoil raging inside! It’s not everyday that you get to witness such rage on national television.

Too actually witness World Peace aka Ron Artest pull his elbow back as far as he could and then with all the force he could muster, aim his now strengthen elbow into the side of James Harden’s face, ear and neck is surreal.

If you watched the actual point of contact between World Peace aka Ron Artest elbow to Harden’s face and neck area, you could clearly see Harden’s neck snap from the trauma.

Too purposely pull your elbow back and swing it into the side of your rival’s ear and neck area without probable cause leaves you mentally and emotionally speechless. Then, you become angry at the flagrant disregard for the life and health of another human being.

James Harden took a blow to the side of his head that very well could have ended his career. Because Harden didn’t see the blow coming, he didn’t have time to brace himself.

However, as a result of World Peace/Turmoil absolute flagrant foul on Harden, NBA Commissioner David Stern suspended World Peace/Turmoil for seven games Tuesday.

This is not the first time that Peace has found himself on the wrong side of the rules of the game but it should be his last.

When is enough, enough? After World Peace/Turmoil aka Ron Artest accidentally kills someone? Buy World Peace out and send him on his way. World Peace/Turmoil is only dragging the name and the game down.


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