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Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito: Considered the Cost!

Miami Police Chief Miquel Exposito must have considered all possible options before stepping forward to reveal that he had been propositioned to take the money, [$200,000 and counting] and silently disappear into the sunset. After more than 40 years on the job, he knew that taking the money would have been and all or nothing deal. All the years spent serving the public would be washed down the drain and his reputation ruin.

Once it would be revealed that he took a “sweetheart of a deal “to leave and be quiet, there would be no turning back and whatever information that would subsequently surface, he would have to take it under the chin.

There is a price to pay when an individual decides to stand their ground and fight the principles on city hall or any government entity, who is trying to keep the skeletons in the closet. From the City of Miami’s standpoint it would be the “injured party” versus “Capitol Hill.” History will confirm that few people have the intestinal fortitude to take on such a battle.

When the “code of silence” is broken at such a high level, the parties involve scurry about like a ”tom cat chasing a mouse.” Cover-up operations kick into high gear. The Chief Financial Officer, Larry Spring immediately resigns because now the cat is out the bag. City Manager, Tony Crapp, Jr., is hot on his trails to resign next because the players are high and deep.

It is clear now, why the report that Paul Philip’s prepared for the City of Miami lacked substance. Mr. Philip’s no doubt stumbled upon the proposition that was made to Chief Exposito and found his hands tied, since it was Tony Crapp, Jr., the city manager at the time, who hired him to investigate Chief Exposito. There were also commissioners whose names kept popping up along the way, as they would be the ones to approve such a deal.

Offering $200,000 to Miami Police Chief Miquel Exposito brings the term “misappropriating funds” to a whole new level, considering the City of Miami is trying to dig itself out of a $40 Million deficit.

“Cooking the Books” is considered normal business operations along with co-mingling funds, transferring funds back and forth, and allocating funds into accounts that were previously denied by federal or state run programs is normal government operations as long as it’s kept under wraps.

Now that the “cat is out the bag” it’s going to be interesting to see how the next scene will play out. It’s intermission people! Go get your popcorn and soda and hurry back to your seats. You don’t want to miss a single moment of this fascinating play!


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Narcy Novack’s Quest for the Pot of Gold

What would you do to get the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow? How far would you go? Would you be willing to steal, embezzle or plot a murder? Which one would you be willing to undertake for all the gold? Or will you be willing to do whatever it takes and more.

Well, that’s what Narcy Novack did! All of the above, First, her mother-in-law was found dead an the lust for more would not allow her to stop, as though her life depended upon more blood, as she began to hatch yet another more devious plot to eliminate the last person that stood between her and the “Pot of Gold.” That person would be Ben Novack,Jr.

It appears that from the very beginning it was a “Marriage for Murder.” What would possess Ben Novack, Jr. to stay with Narcy even when it was obvious to everyone around him that she not only wanted him out of her life, she wanted him dead?

Could a love for another be that mind-altering that you would place your own well-being in harms way? Is this what they mean, when you hear someone say, “I love you to Death?” Did they mean that figuratively speaking or just meant as a literal translation?

Could the outcome of your life depend on something you said in a passing fancy and not meant to be taken serious? Do most people take relationships as a means to and end with hidden agenda’s that really have nothing to do with you? That is something to think about in this day and age!

The murder trial for the Fontainebleau heiress accused of killing her husband and mother-in-law will once again be delayed several weeks as the U.S. Department of Justice considers whether Narcy Novack and her brother, Cristobal Veliz, should face the death penalty.

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City of Miami’s Pink Elephant: Tackling a $40 Million Budget Deficit

City of Miami Building

Obviously as the City of Miami attempts to dig deep in an effort to balance the budget {deficit of $40 Million and counting} before September 30, 2011, it’s not going to be business as usual.

With the resignation of its Chief Financial Officer, Larry Spring, and the pending exit of its City Manager, Tony Crapp,Jr., the task will be left up to the senior city officials to take control of the financial records, in an effort to balance the budget and comply with the deadline.

This is not the first rodeo for the city in respect to budget deficits, since the same problem came before the Commissioners last year.

The Commissioners should have put a check and balance system in place last year to prevent what is obvious this year, “budget overload.” The bandage that was placed on the budget last year finally broke! And now it’s time for the interim Chief of Finance to assemble his/her team, roll up their sleeves, bring in the coffee or tea and get to work.

Balancing the budget does not mean the co-mingling of funds, or the old familiar switch-a-roo. It means getting out the ruler, determining what was allocated for which particular fund, who is in charge of that division, and why are they consistently operating in the red; with a plan to reorganize/ consolidate that division in an effort to bring that department into the black and in compliance of the law.

This is not and easy task, but rather one that must be done! There is a tremendous amount of duplicity within the City of Miami and room for considerable improvement.

Cutting across the board” is an easy out and not necessarily the right way to go: even though it is the simplest way to balance the budget and give the appearance that the cuts were distributed equally. If the City of Miami looks closely at the budget, it’s possible that just a few but not all departments are creating a constant deficit.

If that is the case, why not work on bringing these departments into compliance; while at the same time consider restructing and/or consolidating departments to save taxpayer dollars.

The City of Miami must face reality, if you have 4,000 employees and you were already aware of a reduction of incoming revenue from property taxes, traffic tickets and redevelopment agencies, you had an obligation to protect your constituents and put a plan in place last year to reduce the deficit. A strategic team which specializes in corporate finance should have been working on the budget since last year to make sure that it would be in compliance this year by September 30. 2011.

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