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FBI formally begins Civil Rights Investigation in the Trayvon Martin Case

The FBI has begun a “parallel investigation” at the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida, focusing on whether the civil rights of Trayvon Martin were violated. The FBI actively started on Monday by interviewing potential witnesses in the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Agents are also seeking information into George Zimmerman’s background and whether he was racially motivated when he pursued Martin after calling a 911 police dispatcher about Martin’s presence in the community, an FBI official told NBC.

Craig Sonner, Zimmerman’s lawyer, still insists that his client, who has a white father and Hispanic mother, is not racist.

“This was not a case of racial profiling; George Zimmerman is not a racist, Sonner told NBC News on Sunday”.

Sonner told Reuters on Monday that Zimmerman would turn himself in to police should he be charged.

“The Wheels of Justice” finally appears to be turning in the right direction in spite of a maze of roadblocks in respect to “Justice for Trayvon Martin!”

The Truth is beginning to catch up with the lies and deceit of many! Through prayers and perseverance, Trayvon Martin’s Voice will be heard!!! “Too God Be the Glory!!!”


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Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin, Reactions – Union Square, New York City




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Shocking Update from Two Neighbors who witness George Zimmerman on his knees Straddling Trayvon Martin’s Back!

Click on this link to see the interview between Anderson Cooper and two of the witnesses

At least two witnesses heard the sound of someone mourning just outside their door. One of the witnesses went to their back door and ask George Zimmerman, “What’s going on?” Zimmerman was still pressing against Martin’s back. Zimmerman did not respond until she asks him for the third time, “What’s going on?”

Only then did Zimmerman finally responded and said “call the police!”

The witnesses stated that once Zimmerman realized that they had witnessed him straddling Martin’s back, did he then jump up, began to pace back and forth, put his hands to his head as though to make the expression “What have I done?” [First Degree Murder and nothing less]

As each day pass and more information are revealed, bits and pieces of this puzzle are finally taking shape. “I wondered all alone as to why the police found Martin’s body face down.”

It has also been established that Trayvon Martin was on his cell phone with his girlfriend from the very beginning and it has been revealed that she knows exactly what took place between Zimmerman and Martin, up until George Zimmerman jumped Martin from behind and that would explain why the police found Martin’s body face down. [First Degree Murder and nothing less]


George Zimmerman acting as a wanna-be cop made the initial contact by approaching Martin for whatever reason.

George Zimmerman attempted to engage in dialogue with Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin attempted to walk away.

George Zimmerman attempted to follow Trayvon.

There was never a fight; Zimmerman jumped Trayvon Martin from behind.

After Martin was knocked to the ground, he began to cry out for help.

Martin did not see the gun as he was then lying on the ground with his face to the side, but he felt George Zimmerman’s weight on him and the gun pressed up against his flesh.

George Zimmerman told Martin to “shut up” but he did not because Martin knew death was at his door.

After George Zimmerman shot Martin; Martin was still alive, He didn’t die immediately.

Zimmerman realizing Martin was still alive began to press against his back, speeding up death.

Trayvon Martin,17, died on February 26, 2012 in the United States of America because “HE WAS BLACK!”

Several witnesses called the police to report at first a fight [but there was no fight, Martin was jumped from behind, fell to the ground, attempted to get up but could not because of the weight disadvantage, was shot but did not die but eventually succumbed to death as a secondary result of Zimmerman pressing against his back, until life was no more.

Why did it take the Sanford Police Department almost 30 minutes to get to the scene of a reported shooting?

Did George Zimmerman, himself, call the Sanford Police Department after he shot Trayvon Martin?

Where is the cell phone that Martin was on when Zimmerman jumped him from behind?

It is obvious that George Zimmerman and the Sanford Police Department has close ties since Zimmerman calls 9-11 almost everyday, if not everyday.

Due to “The Appearance of Impropriety” and the relationship between Zimmerman and Sanford Police Department, there certainly should be an independent investigation conducted by the F.B.I. and The Department of Justice.

There should also be an investigation into how many deaths or injuries have occurred in that surrounding area, which did not warrant the minimum of taking a statement from the person that fired a weapon that resulted in injury or death.

If it’s not already a law, it should be a law that requires everyone who purchases a hand gun to submit to a criminal background check including finger prints on file with the local police department. The finger prints should be kept in a national data-base system. Ultimately setting up a check and balance system in an effort to cut down on weapons winding up in the wrong hands.

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