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Gov. Rick Scott turned down Billions in Federal Aid: Now the Feds turned down Gov. Rick Scott.

Governor Rick Scott insisted that he would not take any of Washington’s tainted money. Some would say that its poetic justice, if it were not for all the constituents that are caught in the cross hairs. In politics they call it “collateral damage” or as Mitt Romney would call it “creative destruction.”

Remember the latest feel good phrase: “We want less government in our lives!” Well my friend, this is an example of less government and the scary part is that an entire state suffers because of the misguided allegiance to a party, rather than the people that elected now Governor Rick Scott.

Gov. Rick Scott did not hesitate to tell all that would listen, that he would reject any monies [$2 Billion to be exact] coming from Washington, regardless if it were needed [to build a high-speed rail line] or not and proceeded to do just that!

Gov. Scott proclaimed that he didn’t want Washington’s money and quickly took to the airways to let all his constituents know that he was standing firm in his belief, even though a rail system is desperately needed in Florida. There were many that cheered him on, “That’s right! We want less government in our lives!” Now, hold that thought…

Gov. Rick Scott also championed the cause to stop President Obama’s Federal Healthcare, which was subsequently approved by the Supreme Court, in part. Without consideration for the thousands of constituents that were currently without healthcare and no means to pay for private insurance. “That’s right! We want less government in our lives!” Now, hold that thought…

Gov. Rick Scott has also battled Washington by imposing new voting rules and thus throwing Florida in the spot light once again as the state that will more than likely create havoc before the election is over.

After all the disdain that Gov. Rick Scott has shown to Washington and the Federal Government, he suddenly has a change of heart [because Florida has suffered at the hands of hurricane Isaac] and decides that maybe having some of that “Federal Government Money” is not so bad after all. What happened to “We want less government in our lives?” Now, hold that thought…

So, what happens next! Gov. Scott proceeds to summons his aide to request funds from both FEMA and the White House. Did I read that right? FEMA, which is government and the White House, which is government has a request from Gov. Scott to help the State of Florida? That’s right! But wait a minute! I thought Gov. Scott and his constituents agreed to…No! Demand less government. Remember, “We want less government in our lives!” Now hold that thought…

FEMA and the White House apparently finally got the message that Gov. Rick Scott is serious about not taking money from the Federal Government and to help him stay true to his word, denied his request for Federal Aid and after all, “how would he be able to look his constituents in the eye after taking such a stance on “no government money will pass state line.” Now hold that thought…

You better wake up!!! Now hold that thought…

As Always….. Don’t Be Alarmed . . . Be Informed . . .


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Mitt Romney: Independent Thinker or Opening Act for President Obama

Mitt Romney is excellent at giving negative feedback on remarks made by President Obama. He appears sharp, quick wit and even displays a sense of humor but when you corner Romney on specifics, the room is suddenly silent.

Why it is that Mitt Romney can energize an auditorium of people and have them clapping and cheering him on, yet five minutes after the party is over, they can’t tell you one specific problem that Romney addressed. Why, maybe because, Mitt Romney is a good “cheerleader” but not a “leader.”

A good cheerleader or opening act can work a crowd and get them emotionally charged for the main event. Once the main performer hits the stage, the cheerleaders’ job is done. While it is entertaining for someone to come and work the crowd, it is the featured speaker or the main attraction that really drew the crowd.

As I’ve watch Mitt Romney take the podium from state to state, I can’t help but feel that he is a “feel good speaker” but lack substance. So, Governor Mitt Romney, I’m calling you out!

The voters want to hear from you, personally, not your comments on something President Obama said or didn’t say!

Romney is good at answering questions in generalities and that was acceptable in the beginning, but at this stage in the race for the White House, it’s time for the registered voters to hear his mission statement and how he plans to accomplish his mission in succinct detail.

Some of the questions I’m sure that the voters want answered are:

1. What are your plans to turn this economy around? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

2. What are your plans in respect to Healthcare? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

3. What are your plans concerning banks and their inability to work with struggling homeowners, while taking millions and in some cases billions of dollars from the government? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

4. What are your plans concerning social programs such as: Medicaid & Medicare, Social Security and others? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

5. What are your plans concerning the military and their families? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

6. What are your plans to stimulate job growth? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

7. What are your plans concerning immigration? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

8. What are your plans concerning student loans? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

9. What are your plans to show that you can and will represent the 47% of people, whom you feel pays no federal taxes? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

10. In one sentence, what would you say to the voters to convince them that you are the right man for the highest position in the land? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

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Mitt Romney: Courting the Hispanics . . . I Need You to Vote that “Government Stay Out of Your Life!”

Yes, Mitt Romney needs the Hispanic vote to seal the deal and become President! But, what about the day after, it’s called “voters remorse.” Obviously, the day after is one day to late.

Let’s take a moment to look at the day after. Mitt Romney is now president and you’re still the working poor. Will you still be part of his grand plan? I think not! Why? Now, you’re what he considers “those people,” a means to an end. Don’t blame Romney! He told you from the beginning what he was going to do.

Remember! Romney did say that “these are people who pay no income tax, but they are people “who are dependent upon government, [what is Romney saying? Don’t depend on me because I’m at the top of the spectrum in terms of government and remember! You voted for less government.] Who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing, to you -name it.”

There should be big paper shredders at all the voting precincts for the people who will be voting for Mitt Romney and “

    they should be required to shred their food stamp cards, welfare cards, Medicaid and Medicare cards, their Social Security Cards, Disability Cards, School Vouchers and any other thing that they have on their person that connect them to the government, before they vote; to demonstrate a vote of confidence that they do indeed want the government out of their lives.”

Don’t forget to give them their “I want government out of my life sticker” along with their “I voted today sticker.” The Elections Department should have an additional form for the voters to sign stipulating that “they want government out of their lives!” to create a database of “no more government voters,” so when they show up at various governmental agencies [hospitals included] the entity can respectfully deny them service. Remember! “No More Government for you!”

If you feel that your life will be better off without any type of government assistance, regardless of the circumstance, then Mitt Romney is indeed the man for you and I guarantee you, Mitt Romney will be more than happy to give you the desires of your heart!

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When Mitt Romney Came to Town: The Suffering Began

With so many employees losing their jobs along the way and Mitt Romney making such a shameless explanation that eliminating jobs were called “creative destruction” and then proceeds to laugh about the hardships of the working poor is inhumane.

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Mitt Romney Economics:Jobs loss and Bankruptcy at Ampad

Is this the real reason Mitt Romney won’t reveal his plan to move the country forward, because he is going to give you a pink slip the day after election, should he become president and tell you to re-apply, at a lesser wage and forget about reduce benefits, no benefits.

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Mitt Romney: In His Own Words

Mitt Romney: In His Own Words!

credit: Mother Jones
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YOUR VOTE Is Your Voice . . . And . . . YOUR VOICE is Your Vote . . . 2012 Series

What do you really know about the candidates that are running for president? Let’s take one at a time, starting with Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney Interview with Jim Acosta (July 13, 2012)

Let’s read some of the quotes that Mitt Romney is famous for:

“I should tell my story. I’m unemployed.”– Mitt Romney, speaking in 2011 to unemployed people in Florida. Romney’s net worth is over $200 million.

“I like being able to fire people who provides services to me.” – Mitt Romney, using an unfortunate choice of words while advocating for consumer choice in health insurance plans.

“I’m not concerned about the poor. We have a safety net there.” – Mitt Romney

“I get speaker’s fees from time to time, but not very much.” – Mitt Romney, who earned $374,000 in speaking fees in one year, according to his personal financial disclosure.

Let’s take a look at Mitt Romney’s 2012 Economic Plan:

Romney’s plan is to get the government out of business, because only the private sector has the economic muscle to create the millions of jobs needed. (This sounds like political demagoguery!) What specifically will he do? Let’s see the rough draft in black and white?

Romney also proposes lowering personal, investment and corporate taxes. (How exactly would he lower the taxes?) Show the public his plan, so that the public has time to review it and decide if he is worthy of their vote!

To offset the revenue loss, Romney wants to reduce non-defense government spending by cutting regulations and government departments.(What particular departments is Romney referring too? Spell it out, so that the public is clear on what departments will be downsized, outsource or eliminated altogether.)

Romney is also in favor of returning some of the federal power to the state level.

As you can see, all these vague statements are meaningless without qualifying explanations to substantiate the demagoguery that is being spewed at the public in pep-rally fashion. You walk away feeling elated until someone ask you, “Exactly how will Mitt Romney turn this economy around and get this country on the right track?”

Mitt Romney wants you to believe that he has your best interest and the interest of the country at heart, but he’s hedging his bet and his money in a bank overseas, but don’t worry, if all else fails, he’ll outsource America.

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Rick Santorum & Mitt Romney in a dead heat as they head for Iowa’s finish line

In a virtual dead heat, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney has pulled away from the rest of the pack, the crowd is on its feet in mass hysteria, each person shouting out the name of their candidate, Go Rick! Go Mitt! Oh my goodness! This is coming down to a photo finish. Frantic, the crowd starts making side bets on the two candidates.

As the showdown takes place, Santorum and Romney take the lead like horses in a racetrack, the two front runners pull away from the rest of the pack like identical twins going in the same direction without uttering a sound.

After the dusk settles, you see Ron Paul in the distance and suddenly you run into a thick patch of fog and out pops the rest of the candidates, tired and disoriented, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann stumble forward and the last one to appear is John Huntsman crawling on his knees still determined to make it to the finish line.

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gives Mitt Romney his endorsement for President

Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey will endorse Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney at a Tuesday afternoon event in New Hampshire, two sources close to the governor told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave Mitt Romney a shot of adrenaline into his campaign that he so desperately needed by throwing his support behind Romney and endorsing him, just hours ahead of the GOP debate tonight. It would not be surprising if the Romney camp didn’t throw a resurrection party tonight and party like its 1999.

What better person to lobby the House, Senate and American public right now, than Gov. Christie, while his popularity is at an all time high. Just the mention of Gov. Christie’s name commands attention. That’s publicity that Romney could not buy and a strong voting bloc that Christie is sure to bring along with him.

For Governor Christie to make the announcement in Hanover, New Hampshire, prior to the GOP debate scheduled to take place at nearby Dartmouth College, knowing that there will be coverage from all over the world is a smart political move.

The endorsement of Romney should leave no doubt that Christie is definitely out as a potential candidate, but in as a high profile consultant for the former Massachusetts governor.

It appears that the God’s are shining on Romney as he has also secured the endorsement of former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

It appears that slowly but surely, The Mitt Romney campaign train is on the right track and the wheels of progress is easing down the tracks. First stop … Hanover, New Hampshire! Choo!!! Choo!!!

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