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One L Goh ordered held without bail in Oakland College mass killings

One L Goh made his initial court appearance Wednesday before Judge Sandra Bean and was ordered held without bail on charges of seven counts of murder with special circumstances and three counts or attempted murder in the mass shooting this week at Oikos University in Oakland.

The deceased are:
Tshering Rinzing Bhutia, 38
Doris Ifeyinwa Chibuko, 40
Sonam Choedon, 33
Grace Eunhea Kim, 23
Katleen Ping, 24
Judith Ona Seymour, 53
Lydia H. Sim, 21

Ping was killed in the commission of a kidnapping, and Bhutia was killed in connection with the carjacking of his vehicle.

Goh is also charged with the attempted murder of:
Dawinder Kaur, 19,
Ahmad Javid Sayeed, 36
Grace Kirika, 43.

Goh allegedly used a 45-caliber gun with four fully loaded magazines of ammunition and most of the rounds were fired, said Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan.

Goh, 43, who is Korean-American, was upset over not getting some of his money back for tuition he had paid, and it is also clear that he focused on one particular administrator at the school who was not present at the school on Monday, the day of the shooting.

Goh’s next court appearance is April 30.


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Narcy Novack’s Quest for the Pot of Gold

What would you do to get the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow? How far would you go? Would you be willing to steal, embezzle or plot a murder? Which one would you be willing to undertake for all the gold? Or will you be willing to do whatever it takes and more.

Well, that’s what Narcy Novack did! All of the above, First, her mother-in-law was found dead an the lust for more would not allow her to stop, as though her life depended upon more blood, as she began to hatch yet another more devious plot to eliminate the last person that stood between her and the “Pot of Gold.” That person would be Ben Novack,Jr.

It appears that from the very beginning it was a “Marriage for Murder.” What would possess Ben Novack, Jr. to stay with Narcy even when it was obvious to everyone around him that she not only wanted him out of her life, she wanted him dead?

Could a love for another be that mind-altering that you would place your own well-being in harms way? Is this what they mean, when you hear someone say, “I love you to Death?” Did they mean that figuratively speaking or just meant as a literal translation?

Could the outcome of your life depend on something you said in a passing fancy and not meant to be taken serious? Do most people take relationships as a means to and end with hidden agenda’s that really have nothing to do with you? That is something to think about in this day and age!

The murder trial for the Fontainebleau heiress accused of killing her husband and mother-in-law will once again be delayed several weeks as the U.S. Department of Justice considers whether Narcy Novack and her brother, Cristobal Veliz, should face the death penalty.

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Juvenile Sentencing; Do the time…Fit the Crime?


When is life in prison justified for a juvenile defendant? In a 6-3 decision in a Florida case, high court said that, “in light of evolving standards of decency, jailing a juvenile for the rest of his life is excessive punishment when the offender did not commit murder.” But what happens when a juvenile commits murder? Will the law then become subjective to personal interpretation when it is not clearly expressed?

Case in-point:A Fort Lauderdale teen was sentenced Monday to 20 years in prison for strangling a 14-year-old girl who teased him after they had sex. If the law is not expressly written, then every case is subjective to judicial interpretation.

Who makes the decision to offer a plea or to take the case to trial? If the case law is not clear and precise, I see trouble brewing in the future and too many cases being filed in the appellate division to count.

Are the juveniles incarcerated with possibility of parole encouraged to pursue a course of action that will give them a fair shot at staying out of jail in the future or do they just marinate in jail and learn how to become better criminals?

Why are the Florida judges leading in sending juveniles away for life? Is it the strain on the system to process as many cases as possible or do they really believe that most juveniles are not capable of being rehabilitated?

As you can see! There are more questions than answers. Is it more profitable to house humans until death as oppose to crime prevention programs and real opportunities for a higher education?

Parents! Where are you? Have you given up on your children and on the future of this country?

Many have said that it takes a village to raise a child, and I guess it takes the threat of jail too arouse the consciousness of those who should have been paying attention in the first place.

I’ll see you in court or I’ll see you, as you pass by on the van, back to jail. At any rate! I’ll see you.

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