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Would a White President be Heckled?

Click here to listen to President Barack Obama’s speech.

When do the disdain and the disrespect for President Barack Obama end? Whether the Americans’ are aware of it or not, the other countries shake their heads in total disbelief as to the treatment of the man in the highest office of The United States.

President Barack Obama has shown great respect and restraint to the continued ignorance and the down right hateful comments that have been made not only to him but to his family.

To be heckled in the middle of a speech and then the reporter did not have the common decency to say to the president, yes! The president of all of the people of these United States, “You’re right! I’m sorry for not letting you complete your statement” is an example of what one would call “Arrogance of Power!”
Give me a micro-phone and allow me to wear a badge that says
“Press Pass” but maybe it should say “Press Azz” instead and “I’ll represent. Represent what is the question?”

I’m sure that there are many questions that President Obama would ask the press, if he were really free to do so, and one of those questions would be, “If I were a white man would you fear me enough too even form the words, let along speak the words that you shouted at me without trepidation of reprisal? In the pass, I’ve witness the press pass taken away from a reporter for a lot less, but on the other hand . . . the speaker was white!

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” – – – Thomas Jefferson



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