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Be Careful What You Wish for, Mr. Leicester Bryce Stovell!

Now that Lebron James has joined what could possibility be one of next best teams to watch, the Miami Heat, it is very honorable and not surprising that anyone and everyone wants to claim ownership to his existence and/or success.

Leister Bryce Stovell, has stepped front and center and proclaimed to the world, “That Lebron is my son!” Really! Mr. Stovell is a Princeton graduate with a law degree from the University of Chicago and he waited until now to proclaim his rightful place in LeBron’s life.

According to Mr. Stovell, he met LeBron’s mother when she was 15 and he was 29. Please, someone quick! Tell me, “What is the age for “statutory rape” in Washington, DC?” Since Mr. Stovell was well above the age of 21 and quite intelligent, then surely he had to know the risk he was taking if LeBron’s mother was under age. By saying that he thought she was 20 is not sufficient, considering that fact she told him, that this would be her first time.

I believe that this is the first time, I’ve heard of an alleged father suing his son and notwithstanding, for millions. Come on dads! I need you to tell this man that”‘He Needs to Man up!” Check with Judge Mathias and he will certainly school Stovell on this foreign concept.

Anyway! As I understand it, a previous paternity test was taken and it came back with 0.0 chances that Stovell was the father. “I want another test!” decries Stovell as he sees millions of dollars slipping through his shameless hands. Yea! I’m sure he needs the money to pay for child support and child neglect for 18 years out of the millions that he envisions getting from the same child that he casted aside so many year ago.

I say “Shame on You! Leicester Bryce Stovell, for having the unmitigated gall to speak with such self-absorbed, intellectual ignorance, without any thought to what emotional turmoil you’re putting LeBron and his mother through yet again.”

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