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The IMF is Desperately Seeking a Replacement for the American Dollar: SDR’s Maybe Their Temporary Solution

The International Monetary Foundation (IMF) is growing increasing anxious over the continuous financial crisis that the US can’t seem to find a resolution too. In the beginning the IMF believed that the US had enough brilliant minds to find a workable plan to turn their debt crisis around, unfortunately, it’s becoming painfully clear that the US economy is in serious trouble.

America’s constant political bickering on National Television will ultimately be their downfall. Sam Houston the Emancipator once wrote:

“A nation divided against it self cannot stand!”

Does it feel like the US is tilted on an axel these days? Every time we take one positive step forward, we take two negative steps backwards, effectively wiping out any positive outcomes we made in the past.

Can ordinary everyday people understand or appreciates how close the US is to financial ruin? This is the first time in recent years that the House & Senate have been so ineffective for so long, making the US vulnerable in more ways than one. If you could only grasp what is being said, you would be up in arms with all your political figures. Do you consider yourself “collateral damage?”

Well, thanks to your politicians, that’s exactly what you are! If the dollar should collapse tomorrow, it is certain that they have a plan b? It’s also certain to suggest that you would be on your own, effectively, making you “collateral damage to whatever is yet to come. Do you like that position? If you answered No! Then do something about it. Call your prospective representatives’ and voice your opinion.

The IMF disclosed recently that Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) could help stabilize the global financial system – at the expense of the American dollar that is. Could this be the American dollar’s fall from grace? IMF appears adamant about replacing the American dollar and justifies its insistent of SDRs as a viable replacement that could help stabilize the global financial system and calm the other countries down.

According to CNN money, “SDRs represent potential claims on the currencies of IMF members. They were created by the IMF in 1969 and can be converted into whatever currency a borrower requires at exchange rates based on a weighted basket of international currencies. While they are not a tangible currency, some economists argue that SDRs could be used as a less volatile alternative to the U.S. dollar.”

Constitutional Reference for Today:

“It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” — Daniel Webster


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Politics + No Vested Interest Creates “Continual Gridlock” on Capital Hill

Would it be fair to say that if the politicians were deciding on issues that affected them, bills would be flowing out of Congress like a well-oiled conveyor belt? But because the issues that the House and the Senate discuss on a daily basis will not affect them in the least and they have no vested interest in the “bill of the moment” outcome, then it becomes a game of monopoly, me versus you and I will trade all my railroads for your boardwalk property and at the end of the day, they can all walk away without guilt.

 Why? Because the actors and actresses on Capitol Hill appear to be acting out a script in a play rather than seriously entertaining any dialogue that would be beneficial to the public-at-large. Somebody needs to shake them out of their movie star roles, and get them to understand that their continual stance of ‘”I got one over them!” roles will haunt them come election time. Do they not understand that the United States is going through the worst recession/depression in its history, with no real light at the end of tunnel for years to come?

Who do they think will be held accountable? Can’t you hear them say collectively, like a well rehearsed choir, “NOT ME?” That’s where they’re wrong! The politicians need to run don’t walk and look at the face staring back at them in the mirror. Have they taken a good look, yet? Good! That’s the person that the public will hold accountable for this mess that we can’t seem to even begin to dig ourselves out of! Why, because, “Politics + No Vested Interest Creates “Continual Gridlock” on Capitol Hill.”

This is our government at work! Don’t worry, they will surely blow the budget and cry to the public to give them more time, during election time, to spend more money for even less work, if you can call it that! At this moment, it looks like they are having an extended ‘frat party” until the public wakes up and smell the coffee.

Let’s just tell it like it is! The politicians’ have no vested interest in the decisions or lack of decisions that they continually seem unable, incapable or unwilling to make. It makes the general public, sick to their stomach, to consistently see the politicians make the shameful walk to the podium and began to talk about what they want individually , but not what could be possible if they all took a step back on a daily basis and ask themselves, “Who put me in this position?” and “Why did they select me over the other candidate?” and “ What do I owe  my constituents’ for putting their trust in me and voting for me to hold this prestigious office?”

Each politician should ask, “What is my duty as a civil servant to my constituents’ and what is my duty to myself to be worthy of such an honor?”  All the “Grand Standing” needs to cease and desist.

All those clowns on Capitol Hill need to audition for Ringling Brothers Circus and leave the work on Capitol Hill for “Thinkers, Decision-Makers, and Movers & Shakers!” Oh! Don’t forget to chisel the oversized gavel from oversized Bone-Head Boehner’s Hands!”

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Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos Alvarez & Miami-Dade County Commissioner, Natasha Seijas voted out!!!

When a politician is elected to office, he or she is considered a public servant to their constituents, regardless of their title. While working with some many other agencies and administrations during the course of your position, it is easy to get power hungry along the way.

The public servant must always be cognizance of who put you in that position and what your ultimate purpose is for being there; and that is to carry out the will of the people and abide by all by-laws.

We are blessed to live in a democratic and not a dictatorship society. When a public servant consistently displays behavior of a dictator, then he or she is no longer carrying out the will of the people, but is now operating from a personal agenda standpoint.

No man is an island, and no man can lead a country or county based on his agenda along!

Miami-Dade County grew up today and realized that We, the people, all the people are in control of our destiny, and if one or all of our politicians refuse to do what they know is right for their constituents, then they, can and should, regardless of their nationality, be voted out.That’s real people power and it goes to show you, that there is power in numbers.

Let this be the end of automatic entitlement because of your last name or the number of years, you have been in office. No man or woman should get so familiar that they feel they own the position to which they were elected or hired to serve.

There should always be a system of checks and balances, to keep the various administrations and their directors on the straight and narrow.

Let this be a beginning! With a $3 billion dollar shortfall looming over the State of Florida, every department, city, county, state and federal should be examined and streamlined to get the maximum results, while working with minimal employees.

Unfortunately or fortunately, there is tremendous waste in almost every area of our local government. This should and must be the year, whereby all government agencies clean up their acts and get out of the red and into the black in terms of fiscal accountability.

The dollars are there, I’ve seen them, after working over 30 years in the system, but they are misappropriated on almost every level. Miami-Dade County can do better and must do better in these coming days, months and years.

Today, Miami-Dade put itself on the map in a major way and I’m Proud!
Yes! We Can… and Yes! We did.

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America needs an “EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER.”

As I watch show after show, I’m marveled at all the everyday people as well as corporate ceo’s come together for one common purpose, “To make that family whole again.” I don’t see politicians or party affiliations gravelling about, “do it this way!”’, No, “Do it that way,” just ordinary people coming together for a good cause.

I say! That’s what we need in the White House and on Capitol Hill, ordinary people with good common sense that have the pulse of the people on their minds and in their hearts to turn our country and ultimately this nation around.

We need representatives who have picked themselves up by their bootstraps and persevered against all odds and know what it feels like to come home at the end of the day, tired and hungry.

Good leaders, who have toiled the fields of this land, quietly wiping the sweat from their brows, yet still persevering. These are the people, who truly have a vested interest in its people and its country.

If life was provided too me on a silver platter, I have no vested interest in its outcome. I sowed nothing! I only have a vested interest in me and mine! Sound familiar?

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