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Mitt Romney: Independent Thinker or Opening Act for President Obama

Mitt Romney is excellent at giving negative feedback on remarks made by President Obama. He appears sharp, quick wit and even displays a sense of humor but when you corner Romney on specifics, the room is suddenly silent.

Why it is that Mitt Romney can energize an auditorium of people and have them clapping and cheering him on, yet five minutes after the party is over, they can’t tell you one specific problem that Romney addressed. Why, maybe because, Mitt Romney is a good “cheerleader” but not a “leader.”

A good cheerleader or opening act can work a crowd and get them emotionally charged for the main event. Once the main performer hits the stage, the cheerleaders’ job is done. While it is entertaining for someone to come and work the crowd, it is the featured speaker or the main attraction that really drew the crowd.

As I’ve watch Mitt Romney take the podium from state to state, I can’t help but feel that he is a “feel good speaker” but lack substance. So, Governor Mitt Romney, I’m calling you out!

The voters want to hear from you, personally, not your comments on something President Obama said or didn’t say!

Romney is good at answering questions in generalities and that was acceptable in the beginning, but at this stage in the race for the White House, it’s time for the registered voters to hear his mission statement and how he plans to accomplish his mission in succinct detail.

Some of the questions I’m sure that the voters want answered are:

1. What are your plans to turn this economy around? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

2. What are your plans in respect to Healthcare? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

3. What are your plans concerning banks and their inability to work with struggling homeowners, while taking millions and in some cases billions of dollars from the government? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

4. What are your plans concerning social programs such as: Medicaid & Medicare, Social Security and others? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

5. What are your plans concerning the military and their families? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

6. What are your plans to stimulate job growth? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

7. What are your plans concerning immigration? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

8. What are your plans concerning student loans? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

9. What are your plans to show that you can and will represent the 47% of people, whom you feel pays no federal taxes? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.

10. In one sentence, what would you say to the voters to convince them that you are the right man for the highest position in the land? “Don’t give generalities, just facts!” Answer without including President Obama’s name.


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GOP House Leaders Yield to the Will of the People

House Republican leaders did something that at one time would have been impossible. They actually stepped back from the grand-standing of politics, put the prepared script aside and realize where they were and how they got there: because of the vote and voice of their constituents. Too that we commend them! And could see for the first time, the small steps they’ve taken in maturing into their roles as leaders and not just talking pundits.

Sometimes, life lessons are slow and easy, other times, it’s quick and painful. Nevertheless, one seldom forgets how they derived at their first major breakthrough. Finally, the culture of the room is shifting and you could sense for the first time that maybe both sides, the Democrats and Republicans can meet and agree on some of the countries most crucial issues.

After taking such a hard stance and saying that “they would not buckle,” House Republican leaders buckled and reversed their stance on Thursday and agreed too a two-month extension of a payroll-tax-break [sparing a tax increase, that would have affected over 160 million American workers] after internal discord and pressure from President Obama to approve this temporary bill, thus allowing both parties more time to find a more permanent solution.

While most of the news media sees this as a major victory for President Obama, it’s really a major victory for the people. It would behoove both parties moving forward to hear and listen to the cry of their constituents.

The United States is in the midst of a paradigm shift and its effect is going to be life altering. The leaders that are currently in the House and Senate are charged to keep this country in an up-ward position while this shift is taking place. Their role in history is greater than they realize. They can go down in history as some of the greatest leaders in modern times, or greatest failures of the century.

The foreword in the history book has been written and the body is beginning to take shape but the ending is yet to be determined. The current leaders will have a part to play in how the end of this history lesson will be written.

Too be continued . . .

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IMF plead with the U.S. to raise the debt ceiling for weeks: Credit Rating downgraded to AA+!

Following the signing into law on the agreement to raise the U.S. debt ceiling and reduce government spending, Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made the following statement:

“We welcome the agreement to raise the U.S. government’s borrowing limit and cut the budget deficit. By reducing a major uncertainty in the markets and bolstering U.S. fiscal credibility, this agreement is good for both the U.S. and the global economy.

“Raising the debt ceiling means a severe economic disruption has been avoided, and the accompanying deficit reduction deal is an important step toward fiscal consolidation. Given the fragility of recovery, the planned spending cuts are appropriately phased and not overly frontloaded so as not to undermine growth.

“The challenge for policymakers is now to develop a consolidation framework that includes clear medium-term debt and deficit objectives. Putting public finances on a sustainable path will entail identifying further savings in entitlement spending as well as new revenues.”

To all you smart idiots who didn’t want to work with President Obama in respect to the debt ceiling; “How do you like the U.S. now?” Now, that it’s credit rating took a nose dive along with the stock market. Well, all you smart politicians who couldn’t find your way out of a paper bag but somehow found your selves on Capitol Hill and was ready to take over and turn this country around. You not only turned this country around, you have all but destroyed one of the last major dynasties in the world.

So, you’re on vacation! Do this country a favor and don’t come back. Let the U.S. run on auto pilot, it would be better off. You made history alright! Your name will be forever linked to one of the major disaster’s ever recorded in history. Smile, so that they can take your picture and put it in the “Hall of Idiots for 2011.”

Let this be a lesson going forward, that the principal will never allow the kindergartners’ to run the school. Who but you would expect to take over the government their first term in office? So wet behind the ears, someone has to put the bib on you, lest you soil your shirt.

And yet, it’s obvious that you still don’t get it. Stop being so arrogant, you didn’t win anything, although you with the small minds think you did. Exactly what is it that you think you won? Looking at the news almost requires a barf bag. All you hear are the Republicans and the Tea Partiers say is, “We won! We won! we won!”

Look at you now! You won the right to tell your constituents’ that you were so bend on winning at all cause that their mortgages, food and everything else is about to go through the ceiling, as you tow the line and the stocks continue to take a nose dive to parts unknown.

You won alright! "The right to pack your bags and never come back!"

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No More Meetings ….. No More Special Reports: “SHOW ME THE BUDGET!”

People! Can we all agree that the White House and Congress have had more meetings than there are minutes in an hour and more special reports than there are days in the week? Show the American public a copy of an agreed upon budget? All this talk about not agreeing at the table and all the special reports are killing this country with inaction.

This is not the first time that this country has raised the debt ceiling? What is really going on here? Are the disagreements between the two really about the debt ceiling or is it personal? Is it because President Obama is African American and the Congress wants to embarrass him and his administration?

Are they so narrow minded that they would cut off their own heads to spite their face, only to say we got him? While in reality they only dug their own graves, just waiting for voters to cover them with dirt come election time. This is not the time to be posturing for power or future political votes. If a solution is not in place by August 2, everyone who is serving, regardless of their position should be voted out next term.

If the debt ceiling is not raised and the United States of America are forced to default on it’s loans, it would take years if ever to recover and Congress is saying that they can live with that? Really!
Chances are the American public would have a different view.

Every person who reads this message should bombard their Congress person with phone calls of dissatisfaction and don’t stop until something concrete is done to stop this madness and get our country back on the right track. There is no time to waste and no time to think about it. You must act now or forever hold your peace and live with the thought that you could have at least made a phone call but you along with Congress and the White House choose to do nothing!

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Understanding the U.S. Debt Ceiling.

As of Monday, the U.S. had $14.14 trillion in debt subject to the $14.294 trillion debt ceiling, according to the government’s Bureau of Public Debt. This is up from $14.0 trillion Jan. 28.

As of 04/07/2011

Debt Held by the Public ——————-9,652,195,544,012.12
Intragovernmental Holdings ————4,612,049,982,299.46
Total Public Debt Outstanding ——14,264,245,526,311.58

Sept, 30, 2010——————– 13,561,623,030,891.79
Sept. 30, 2009——————– 11,909,829,003,511.75
Sept. 30, 2008——————– 10,024,724,896,912.49
Sept. 30, 2007———————- 9,007,653,372,262.48
Sept. 30, 2006———————- 8,506,973,899,215.23
Sept. 30, 2005———————- 7,932,709,661,723.50
Sept. 30, 2004———————- 7,379,052,696,330.32
Sept. 30, 2003———————- 6,783,231,062,743.62
Sept. 30, 2002———————- 6,228,235,965,597.16
Sept. 30, 2001———————- 5,807,463,412,200.06
Sept. 30, 2000———————- 5,674,178,209,886.86

SOURCE: U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Public Debt

George Walker Bush

With the country in a state of general prosperity, the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore was perceived to be one of the least dynamic on issues. As it turned out, the race was one of the closest in the country’s history. By early evening on election night, it was apparent that whoever won Florida would win the election.

Bush’s razor-thin margin of about 1,200 votes prompted an automatic recount. The case ultimately ended up in the U.S. Supreme Court. Bush officially became the president-elect on Dec. 13, after the Supreme Court reversed a decision by the Florida Supreme Court to allow manual recounts of ballots in some Florida counties, contending that such a partial recount violated the Constitution’s equal protection and due process guarantees.

With Florida in his column, Bush won the presidency with 271 electoral votes, just one more than he needed, although he lost the popular vote by half a million. The divided 5–4 Supreme Court decision generated enormous controversy, with critics asserting that the Supreme Court, and not the electorate, had effectively determined the outcome of the presidential election.

In early 2003, President Bush unveiled a sweeping economic stimulus plan that characteristically centered on tax cuts. The plan, in its original form, would have cut taxes by $670 billion over ten years; Congress approved a $350 billion version. Although all workers were to benefit from the tax plan, it strongly favored two groups: two-parent households with several children and the wealthy—nearly half the proposed tax benefits were reserved for the richest 10% of American taxpayers. Critics of the plan, including fiscally conservative Republicans, argued that it was unsound to offer tax cuts while the country was involved in an expensive war and in the midst of a jobless recovery. The federal budget deficit, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, reached a record $412 billion in 2004. The White House countered that the Bush tax cuts had in fact kept the recession remarkably shallow and brief.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

After a historic and bruising 22-monthlong campaign, Sen. Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States on Nov. 4, 2008. He prevailed over Sen. John McCain in what was probably the most pivotal U.S. election since World War II. He took the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2009, and became the first black U.S. president.

Looking Ahead to the Debt Ceiling Plus (+) or Minus (-), and into 2012.

While barely avoiding a Federal Shutdown, the country is still on a slippery slop, with only enough time to take a collective deep breath before plunging into the deep waters of the budget.

The Federal Government will hit its limit on borrowing by May 16, slightly over a month from now. At that time, there will be no more time for indecision. The House and Senate will have to vote definitively, to either raise the debt ceiling or cut the budget, in ways that this country have never seen, with the general public (Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, Independents, Others) serving as collateral damage.

If the budget is cut or reduced with the cake knife that the Republicans and Tea Party members are calling for, only the wealthy will be spared and their castle will feel a slight shift as they find the services they have grown so accustomed to having, no longer exist.

It’s amazing to see so many shouting ‘Shut the Government Down!” while at the same time, either knowingly or unknowingly still depending on that very same government for their livelihood. It’s an oxymoron of major proportion.

In this instance, having Monday morning regrets, will have devastating consequences of which the human mind will not be able to comprehend but will have immediate impact on this once great nation.

Please keep in mind that if Congress “Shut the Government Down,” the U.S. will immediately lose its status to lead over countries. As it is, the U.S. dollar is already taking a beating outside of the states


The IMF is trying to move the world away from the U.S. dollar and towards a global currency once again. In a new report entitled “Enhancing International Monetary Stability—A Role for the SDR”, the IMF details the “problems” with having the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of the globe and the IMF discusses the potential for a larger role for SDRs (Special Drawing Rights).

But the IMF certainly does not view SDRs as the “final solution” to global currency problems. Rather, the IMF considers SDRs to be a transitional phase between what we have now and a new world currency. In this newly published report, the IMF makes this point very clearly: “In the even longer run, if there were political willingness to do so, these securities could constitute an embryo of global currency.” Yes, you read that correctly.

The SDR is supposed to be “an embryo” from which a global currency will one day develop. So what about the U.S. dollar and other national currencies? Well, they would just end up fading away.

Moving Forward…

To all those that are not aware of the debt ceiling and how it would ultimately affect you personally, I suggest that you make looking up this subject, your number one priority. I have provided you with enough information to get started.

It is your responsibility to protect your family and your country. There will be no opportunity to plead ignorance in the foreseeable future. The debt ceiling is being discussed on every media level; the newspaper, the radio, the TV and the internet.

The time is now for you to take charge of your own financial future and not leave it in the hands of others.

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We’re drowning in debt and joblessness along with the other ills that come with it, but don’t worry America; the solution is too continuously report negatively about President Obama every chance we get and things are sure to change.

The magnitude of ignorance is astounding as I witness reporter after reporter smiling as though they just won the lottery, reporting that the President is on a losing streak on his trip abroad. They report as though they live in a different country. Who do they think are the real losers?

It’s not President Obama but rather the citizens that will feel the effects of a win or lose situation from this trip. The President went on a trip to try to create more jobs for the 17 million and counting citizens currently unemployed. President Obama is not unemployed, so this is not a self serving trip but rather an opportunity to meet one on one with the powers-that-be, which have the ability to create thousands of jobs for Americans.

America! You better wake up! And become thinkers rather than followers of your own destiny. If someone purports to do better without showing you a realistic, sustainable, workable plan, don’t fall for the rhetoric. America needs all the thinkers and doers they can get, citizens as well as politicians. The time to point the finger, has long since past. America needs common sense doable plans of action to get this country back on course.

No one party will be responsible for America’s turn around. It’s going to take the positive efforts, going in the same direction of all who currently reside in the United States to turn our economic system around. The minds of the politicians and its constituents will have to be expanded and their “arrogance of power” will have to be checked at the door and “what is in the best interest of this country”, should be front and center!

For all the pundits that say “We can do better!” Show me, in black and white, plain simple English not more political mambo jumbo, specifics that tell me exactly what, when, where, and how your plan will put America back to work now not in 10 years from now.

Please don’t tell me that we are going to repeal everything! Tell me what you are going to do for all the constituents that put their trust in you too do better. Repeal means more of the same…Voters elected you for change.

Now that you have been elected, Politicians! What are you going to do for the people?

“What does it profit a man to win an election but lose his soul in the process?”

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