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Who will preserve Trayvon Martin’s Right to Stand His Ground?

While much has been made about George Zimmerman’s right to “stand your ground,” who will preserve Trayvon Martin’s right to “stand his ground?” while he is laying in a cold grave unable to give his account of what happened that fatal night.

Or, is it that the “stand your ground” law only applies to the living because the dead can’t talk? Who will speak for the other party in this equation? Can’t you see the flaw in such a law?

No one, apart from George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin knows all the facts and details into what happened that fatal night. With that being said, it is more probable than not, that the person left standing will give accounts of the events to benefit him or herself.

The Sanford Police Department in conjunction with the crime scene investigators, photographers and the medical examiner each are tasked to perform in their prospective roles and allow the evidence (Zimmerman’s clothes, gun, fingerprints, injuries or lack there of, shoes, cell phone, statement, the position of Martin’s body, what was discovered on Martin’s person, Martin’s blood, the trajectory of the gun, the bullets entry and exit, gun-powder on the victim as well as the defendant, any statements, eye witnesses, etc.) to tell the story.

Only after all conceivable facts are in and no stone is left uncovered can the parties attempt to come to a logical conclusion as to what happened that night.

As for former Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee questioning Zimmerman on the scene and releasing him; it is humanely impossible for Chief Lee to make such a legal conclusion in a confrontation that resulted in a loss of life in a matter of minutes or even hours.

Only two people know what really happened that night, one is dead and can’t defend himself and the other is hiding behind the “stand your ground” law.

As previously stated, no one knows what really happened that night that claim the life of Trayvon Martin. But one thing is for sure! George Zimmerman approached Trayvon Martin and what about Martin’s “Right to Stand His Ground?”

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Two Independent Voice Identification Experts Conclude: Screams for Help “NOT THAT OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN!”

Two independent voice identification experts examined the 911 tapes independent of each other but came to the same conclusion. “THE VOICE HEARD CRYING OUT FOR HELP ON THE 911 TAPE IS NOT THE VOICE OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN.”

The voice examiners used George Zimmerman’s voice from the call that he initiated to 911 as comparison.

Tom Owen, of Owen Forensic Services LLC and Chair Emeritus for the American Board of Recorded Evidence, with more than 30 years of experience states:

The voice heard crying for help on the 911 call just before Trayvon Martin was shot to death “WAS NOT THAT OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN” and he believes the evidence is strong enough to use in court, as he just wrapped up testifying on a murder trial that helped convict a defendant in a previous case.

Tom Owen further states that he believes the test will be admissible in court and it has a certainty rate of 99 percent.

Jeff Weiner of Orlando Sentinel ask Owen to review the 911 Tape.

Click here to listen to interview with Tom Owen

The other independent voice identification expert is Ed Primo who also reviewed a copy of Trayvon Martin’s 911 Tape with the screams for help, also concluded that the screams for help “WAS NOT THAT OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN!”

“Mr. Joe Oliver what does your gut tell you now?”

One by one, every action that George Zimmerman said Trayvon Martin committed against him is the complete opposite. With that said, in the future if you want to know the truth, “listen to George Zimmerman and flip-the-script, then unknowing to Zimmerman, you will have the truth!”

George Zimmerman saw what he describes as a stranger in his community and since “the a–holes always get away with it,” he made it his mission to make sure that this one didn’t get away.

Zimmerman proceeded to follow, stop and challenge Martin and when Martin didn’t say what Zimmerman wanted to hear, Zimmerman took matters into his own hands and continued to stalk Martin, catching him from behind; then proceeded to shot and kill an innocent man on February 26, 2012 and nothing that he, his team or Sanford Police can do to right that wrong [because clearly on the 911 tape Trayvon Martin was pleading for his life] but arrest Zimmerman, irrespective of who his father is and “Charge Him With the Premeditated Murder of Trayvon Martin.”

Do The Right Thing!!! Arrest George Zimmerman!!! Do The Right Thing!!! Arrest George Zimmerman!!!

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Frank Taaffe & George Zimmerman: Both Crime Watch Captains with similar Previous Criminal History

Frank Taaffe aka Francis Bruce Taaffe and George Zimmerman are both previous crime watch captains for The Retreat of Twin Lakes community in Sanford with similar past criminal history. No wonder they are best friends. “Birds of a feather flock together, Like honeybees!, that’s what they say and apparently that statement certainly rings true here.

It would be interesting to ask the Sanford police officer who monitors the crime watch program in their area, “Exactly what are you telling the people to make them think that they are above the law?”

Former crime watch captain Frank Taaffe aka Francis Bruce Taaffe has quite an interesting arrest history including:

1999 – Violating An Injunction For Protection Against Domestic Violence Victim.

1997 – Charged with Battery on Unknown Party {this is the friend that Zimmerman got into trouble with the policeman over}

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George Zimmerman’s video shows no sign of life or death struggle

Is this video for real or is it a made for the public reality piece?

It appears that the Sanford Police picked up George Zimmerman from his home, after he took his shower and changed clothes.

Where is the blood that should still be dripping from his broken nose and if the paramedics cleaned him up before they place Zimmerman in the police car, then he should have some type of bandage on his nose.

There is nothing wrong with his lip. What happened to the busted lip?

Zimmerman alleges that Martin continuously hit his head against the pavement; surely he should have quite a few lacerations to the back of his head as Zimmerman claims he was in the fight of his life?

After arriving at the police station, it was interesting that Zimmerman, with his hands behind his back, did not need any assistance getting out of the car. He actually jumped outside the car, appearing stoic not emotional or disheveled in the least.

Does he appear to look like someone who was in the fight of his life?

Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin and Sanford Police didn’t put on gloves as a precaution to protect their hands as well as preserve any evidence that they may have retrieved off of Zimmerman, why not?

At the station the police appeared uncertain as to what to do next with Zimmerman.

If this is truly taped from the police department, “Are you going to tell me that there is no date and time on this tape and why is the tape so grainy? I don’t believe this tape was taped on the night that Zimmerman killed Martin.

It is my understanding that Police Chief Bill Lee came to the scene of the crime that night and spoke to George Zimmerman, who was handcuffed in the back of the police car, agreed with his account and considered the killing of Trayvon Martin to be in self defense, released Zimmerman on the spot and no such arrest happened that night.

I believe this video is a pure fabrication of the facts and Sanford Police Department is backtracking in an effort to cover up their absolute negligence to the tenth degree in this case.

It would be interesting to know and see the clothing that George Zimmerman had on that night. Surely, it can’t be the ones that he is wearing, as the Sanford police would need them for evidence and they should have been as previously stated preserved for further analysis.

No! No! No! I’m not buying this made for TV video.

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Too many unanswered questions to say George Zimmerman’s account of what happened can be corroborated: It’s far from a wrap

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According to the news article written for The Orlando Sentinel much of what Zimmerman told police have been corroborated by witnesses but the most critical part , the part that Martin punched Zimmerman and that is the initial punch Zimmerman told police about. So, “exactly what was corroborated if no one saw Martin punch Zimmerman?”

If Zimmerman had a bloody nose, a swollen lip along with a gash to the back of his head, surely Sanford Police Department took pictures of his condition to validate claims of self-defense.

Allegedly, according to the report Martin approached an unknown person without provocation from behind, which was Zimmerman, [remember as Martin walked back to his father girlfriend’s house he was on the cell phone with his girlfriend] but somehow he managed to punch Zimmerman in the nose, sending him to the ground and beating him, yet he was able to maintain a conversation with his girlfriend at the same time, it just doesn’t make sense; and if someone actually witnessed such an incident, they would have come forward to say they saw Martin knock Zimmerman to the ground.

Another witness, a young Black little fellow said he saw someone on the ground with a red shirt. Ask if he saw anyone else, he said “no!” Assuming his statement is correct; Zimmerman could not be in fear for his life, since the young little fellow didn’t see anyone else.

The report states that there was a corroborated witness that placed Martin on top of Zimmerman, punching him and it was indeed Zimmerman who was crying out for help. If that were true, why didn’t the two ladies who had plain view of Zimmerman on top of Trayvon, witness him crying or showing any emotion.

Too the contrary, one of the ladies reported that Zimmerman was straddling Martin, on his knees, pressing against Martin’s back, looked stoic and showed no emotion only telling one of the witnesses, after they repeatedly asked him “Is everything alright?” He simply said; “Call the police!”

The two ladies also made a point of telling the reporters that they heard no commotion, no fist-fight, nothing that indicated a fight had taken place, only the sound of the gun going off and the cries for help stopped.

It is interesting that the report states that paramedics arrived and offered aid to Zimmerman but did not say what, if any aid was offered to Martin.

“Did the police department know that Trayvon Martin was already dead before they arrived and if so, how did they know?” Did George Zimmerman place another call to the police department to say that he just shot and killed Martin?

Why couldn’t the Sanford Police Department locate Martin’s father the same night the shooting took place since he was within the complex visiting his girlfriend?

The lie-detective expert should be busy for awhile as the prosecutor attempt to weed out the truth from the lies. It would be very interesting to see who will be the first person to fail the test and are force then to tell the truth and nothing but the truth in a court of law.

Until then, the marches will continue and the “Justice for Trayvon Martin” signs will be seen on every corner.

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What was George Zimmerman‘s state of mind the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin?

The year is 2012, in a free country called United States of America, a 17-year-old, young ,Black ,free, un-suspecting man by the name of Trayvon Martin is on his way back from the corner store to his father’s girlfriend’s house, starts a slow walk back home, while talking on his cell phone to his honey, [Awe, young love! does this sound like someone who was just in a fight?] armed with a packet of skittles and Arizona Iced Tea is gunned down; shot in the back and the killer is allowed to walk away, without even a written statement explaining why he took an innocent life and called it self-defense?

It’s hard to make sense of it all! How do you wrap your head around the circumstances and come to the conclusion that someway, somehow, it was self-defense?

One thing is clear! George Zimmerman left his home that night with a loaded gun. There is no way under or over the law that you can say that Zimmerman shot Martin in “self-defense”, “Stand Your Ground,” “straight out street-fight” or whatever; George Zimmerman committed murder that night and if it were not for Martin’s parents asking questions about the shooting, George Zimmerman would have left the scene, ready to kill again.

What you must remember is that George Zimmerman approached Martin not once but twice and what gave him the courage to approach Martin the second time, “a loaded gun!”

Even if there was an initial confrontation, Martin attempted to diffuse the situation by walking away, he could have stood his ground but he attempted to walk away, period.

If Martin knew that Zimmerman had a gun, do you think he would have walked away? Martin would have run away from fear of being shot.

It was one of Zimmerman’s neighbor {an elderly lady who began to cry as she told her story} that called 911 and said she heard what could be described as a struggle or fight.

And yet another neighbor and another, finally, another neighbor were on the phone with 911 calling about the same incident, when you eventually hear what is now known, as one shot from Zimmerman’s gun.

The two ladies that have appeared on TV lived two doors down. If it had been only one confrontation, then it would have begun and ended in front of the elderly lady’s house.

If Martin was walking and on the phone, he had to believe that his business with Zimmerman was over. If Martin was in a fight with a grown man, wouldn’t it be feasible that he would have run back to his father girlfriend’s house to get help?

That leads you to conclude that whatever took place, came too an end, enabling Martin to walk away before Zimmerman shot Martin in the back.

A grown man armed himself with a 9mm handgun and manages to shoot and kill and un-armed teen, after not the first but the second encounter, which he initiated both times, this is critical people, and cry self-defense or alleges that he was just “standing his ground,” as Judge Judy so poignantly say almost on a daily basis in her courtroom.

“Please Mr. Zimmerman! Don’t pee on my head and tell me it’s raining!” Your statement sir is “ridiculous!”

George Zimmerman needs to be arrested and charged with “First Degree Premeditated Murder,” because he had an opportunity to turn around, walk away and jump in his SUV, return home and call police, and he did not. Zimmerman was so zealous and riled up that he couldn’t even give a proper street direction to 911.

While the Sanford Police department requested a drug screening on Trayvon Martin, did they also test George Zimmerman for any type of drugs or controlled substance? Did they test the weapon to see how many times it had been fired? Did they retrieve the bullet as evidence?

How did the police department know that the blood from Zimmerman’s nose was his? It could have been Martin’s splattered blood on Zimmerman’s face and body. How close was Zimmerman to Martin when he shot him? If he was on Martin’s back then it would make sense that Martin’s blood would be all over Zimmerman’s person or did he shoot him from a distance and ran and jumped on his back?

“Either way, the Sanford Police screwed up big time, George Zimmerman screwed up big time and Trayvon Martin lay in a cold grave and yet another young & gifted Black man is gone to soon!”

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Florida has become the latest “Joke for Justice” : Other State Police Departments have volunteered to come an Arrest George Zimmernman

You are now entering the Sunshine aka Gunshine State: Good-luck !!!

You must visit this site-It provides a tremendous amount of information about Sanford,Florida and the Prejudices of America!

Why is it necessary to make the Sanford Police Department do the job they were trained to do? They were trained, I hope? I don’t know which police academy they attended, but the State of Florida should request a refund. Maybe they were so busy covering up all the “Stand Your Ground” cases to make it to the academy? One thing is painfully clear, “something is very wrong with this police department and its administration!”

What does it mean “to temporarily step aside?” Is it like being “a little pregnant?” Will Bill Lee be on administrative leave with pay? If so, then he would be on vacation at the taxpayers’ expense. How nice, while the State of Florida is once again becoming the “State of Stupidity” and the laughing stock worldwide for its ignorance of its own law.

I know, some people must be asking themselves, “Are they for real?” George Zimmerman is still free? Why? So much so, that other state police departments has volunteered to come down to poor Sanford, Florida and arrest George Zimmerman for the Sanford Police Department.

Every legal counsel, professor and even the co-author of “The Stand Your Ground Law” is wondering, “When will Sanford Police Department arrest George Zimmerman?”

One by one the legal scholars all came to the same conclusion. George Zimmerman has no legal standing under “The Stand Your Ground Law” after he willfully disobeyed the dispatcher that told him ‘Not to pursue Trayvon Martin” but yet he did. At that moment he lost all his rights entitled under that law, as he became the aggressor. I guess Lee forgot to tell Zimmerman that!

Ironically, Bill Lee stepping aside temporarily, did nothing to calm the raging storm, as long as “George Zimmerman is out free and not arrested,” the storm rages on.

My fear is that by the time Sanford Police Department wake-up from their comma, its going to be to late, because there will be so much rage and anger directed at Sanford, from the North, South, East & West like a volcano eruption, the city will implode on itself.


It’s going to be interesting to see who will be the next person in your community to declare, I shot him in self-defense and “I was Standing My Ground!”

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Shocking Update from Two Neighbors who witness George Zimmerman on his knees Straddling Trayvon Martin’s Back!

Click on this link to see the interview between Anderson Cooper and two of the witnesses

At least two witnesses heard the sound of someone mourning just outside their door. One of the witnesses went to their back door and ask George Zimmerman, “What’s going on?” Zimmerman was still pressing against Martin’s back. Zimmerman did not respond until she asks him for the third time, “What’s going on?”

Only then did Zimmerman finally responded and said “call the police!”

The witnesses stated that once Zimmerman realized that they had witnessed him straddling Martin’s back, did he then jump up, began to pace back and forth, put his hands to his head as though to make the expression “What have I done?” [First Degree Murder and nothing less]

As each day pass and more information are revealed, bits and pieces of this puzzle are finally taking shape. “I wondered all alone as to why the police found Martin’s body face down.”

It has also been established that Trayvon Martin was on his cell phone with his girlfriend from the very beginning and it has been revealed that she knows exactly what took place between Zimmerman and Martin, up until George Zimmerman jumped Martin from behind and that would explain why the police found Martin’s body face down. [First Degree Murder and nothing less]


George Zimmerman acting as a wanna-be cop made the initial contact by approaching Martin for whatever reason.

George Zimmerman attempted to engage in dialogue with Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin attempted to walk away.

George Zimmerman attempted to follow Trayvon.

There was never a fight; Zimmerman jumped Trayvon Martin from behind.

After Martin was knocked to the ground, he began to cry out for help.

Martin did not see the gun as he was then lying on the ground with his face to the side, but he felt George Zimmerman’s weight on him and the gun pressed up against his flesh.

George Zimmerman told Martin to “shut up” but he did not because Martin knew death was at his door.

After George Zimmerman shot Martin; Martin was still alive, He didn’t die immediately.

Zimmerman realizing Martin was still alive began to press against his back, speeding up death.

Trayvon Martin,17, died on February 26, 2012 in the United States of America because “HE WAS BLACK!”

Several witnesses called the police to report at first a fight [but there was no fight, Martin was jumped from behind, fell to the ground, attempted to get up but could not because of the weight disadvantage, was shot but did not die but eventually succumbed to death as a secondary result of Zimmerman pressing against his back, until life was no more.

Why did it take the Sanford Police Department almost 30 minutes to get to the scene of a reported shooting?

Did George Zimmerman, himself, call the Sanford Police Department after he shot Trayvon Martin?

Where is the cell phone that Martin was on when Zimmerman jumped him from behind?

It is obvious that George Zimmerman and the Sanford Police Department has close ties since Zimmerman calls 9-11 almost everyday, if not everyday.

Due to “The Appearance of Impropriety” and the relationship between Zimmerman and Sanford Police Department, there certainly should be an independent investigation conducted by the F.B.I. and The Department of Justice.

There should also be an investigation into how many deaths or injuries have occurred in that surrounding area, which did not warrant the minimum of taking a statement from the person that fired a weapon that resulted in injury or death.

If it’s not already a law, it should be a law that requires everyone who purchases a hand gun to submit to a criminal background check including finger prints on file with the local police department. The finger prints should be kept in a national data-base system. Ultimately setting up a check and balance system in an effort to cut down on weapons winding up in the wrong hands.

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