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TSA Pre-Check is Expanding to Airports Across the Country: Will it Ease Tension or Heighten Anxiety

TSA Pre-Check is an expedited screening initiative that is expanding to airports across the country. Implementing a key component of the agency’s intelligence-driven, risk-based approach to security, TSA Pre-Check enhances aviation security by placing more focus on pre-screening individuals who volunteer to participate in order to expedite the travel experience.

TSA Pre-Check is currently available for eligible participants, who have opted in at the following airport checkpoint locations:

Atlanta: T-South Checkpoint (Delta only)
Dallas: Terminal C, Checkpoint C30 (American only)
Detroit: Checkpoint 2 on the ticketing level (Delta only)
Las Vegas: D Gates First Class Checkpoint (American and Delta)
Los Angeles: TSA Pre-Check screening lane (American only)
Miami: D2 Checkpoint (American only)
Minneapolis: Lindbergh Terminal, Checkpoint 4 (American and Delta)

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