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George Zimmerman released to his sweet life as his wife, Shellie refers to his “slush fund!”

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case has some eerie semblance of the Casey Anthony case. From the very beginning, Anthony made a mockery of the Justice System, including the jurors [referring to them as dumb and dumber] then laughs about how she fooled them.

George Zimmerman and his wife is laughing at the mockery they’re making out of all the people who continue to fund his “slush fund,” indicating that he has more money now than he has ever had in his life.

Conversation between George and Shellie Zimmerman:

SHELLIE: after this, we go over, you’re gonna be able to just,
have a great life.
ZIMMERMAN: yeah! We will you’re
ZIMMERMAN: I’m (inaudible) excited.
SHELLIE: yeah, you should be.

They also discussed Zimmerman getting out on bail, and how to keep him from the press. The Sentinel reports that his choice of words was not ideal:

… “Well, I have my hoodie,” he says, a possible joke, referring to the hooded sweatshirt Trayvon Martin wore the night Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida on February 26. 2012.

It is painfully clear that George Zimmerman continues to view himself as some kind of hero, rather than the cold bloodied murderer of an unarmed young Black man.

Does this sound like someone who was in fear of his life or someone who understands that before he shot Trayvon Martin, he was unemployed and broke; now he is the “poster child for racial hatred and paranoia thoughts towards Black men” and feels that he shouldn’t be charged because he is White and the young man he shot was Black.

When George Zimmerman returned to court for a second time, it was interesting to see him in his new expensive suit, sat down and immediately began to smile [similar to Casey Anthony’s behavior when she realized that the cameras were on her] and joke with his attorney, as though he already knew the outcome of this hearing.

George Zimmerman and his wife Shellie is playing a lot of people along the way to their “sweet life!” From their attorney all the way down to the sympathetic public who really believes that poor George is getting a bad rap.

I suppose you would be smiling too, if you discovered that your “slush fund” had accumulated more than $300k and counting.

One thing for certain! The overqualified accountant that is responsible for the oversight and disbursement of funds from Zimmerman’s “slush fund” is clueless.

I can only imagine the jokes that George and Shellie are making behind close doors, laughing and joking as they try to decide what they’re going to do with their new-found bounty from the dumb and dumber crowd. “Sounds Familiar, It should!”

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Who will preserve Trayvon Martin’s Right to Stand His Ground?

While much has been made about George Zimmerman’s right to “stand your ground,” who will preserve Trayvon Martin’s right to “stand his ground?” while he is laying in a cold grave unable to give his account of what happened that fatal night.

Or, is it that the “stand your ground” law only applies to the living because the dead can’t talk? Who will speak for the other party in this equation? Can’t you see the flaw in such a law?

No one, apart from George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin knows all the facts and details into what happened that fatal night. With that being said, it is more probable than not, that the person left standing will give accounts of the events to benefit him or herself.

The Sanford Police Department in conjunction with the crime scene investigators, photographers and the medical examiner each are tasked to perform in their prospective roles and allow the evidence (Zimmerman’s clothes, gun, fingerprints, injuries or lack there of, shoes, cell phone, statement, the position of Martin’s body, what was discovered on Martin’s person, Martin’s blood, the trajectory of the gun, the bullets entry and exit, gun-powder on the victim as well as the defendant, any statements, eye witnesses, etc.) to tell the story.

Only after all conceivable facts are in and no stone is left uncovered can the parties attempt to come to a logical conclusion as to what happened that night.

As for former Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee questioning Zimmerman on the scene and releasing him; it is humanely impossible for Chief Lee to make such a legal conclusion in a confrontation that resulted in a loss of life in a matter of minutes or even hours.

Only two people know what really happened that night, one is dead and can’t defend himself and the other is hiding behind the “stand your ground” law.

As previously stated, no one knows what really happened that night that claim the life of Trayvon Martin. But one thing is for sure! George Zimmerman approached Trayvon Martin and what about Martin’s “Right to Stand His Ground?”

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Trayvon Martin Case is Full of Cover-up and Loaded with Deceit

George Zimmerman called Frank Taafe just before encountering Trayvon Martin for the second and fatal time to tell Taafe that he was following Martin and Taafe being the forever friend that he is went to assist Zimmerman with the take-down but Zimmerman was so trigger happy, by the time that Taafe arrived on the scene, Zimmerman had already fired the fatal shot that would eventually take Martin’s life.

It’s imperative to note, that when Taafe showed up on the scene, Martin was still alive, barely, but still alive. Martin succumbed to his wound after Taafe arrived at the scene but before Sanford Police arrived.

It is purported that the picture of Zimmerman’s wounded head was taken two minutes after Zimmerman shot and killed Martin. One thing is for sure is that the police had not arrived yet.

So who took the pictures of Zimmerman’s head that quickly, rather than render assistance to Zimmerman? Let me guess! Frank Taafe! And I wonder how that conversation went: wanna-be cop Zimmerman says to Taafe, “I just shot this dude in self-defense, take a picture of the back of my head for evidence.” Sure says Taafe, “hold still.” Really!

The investigator should meet Frank Taafe at the polygraph examiners office so that he can tell his story one more time and maybe this time, it will be almost the truth. There is no way that Taafe could show up on the scene that quickly unless he was contacted by Zimmerman prior to the fatal confrontation with Martin.

The public have been in an uproar for weeks over this case and conveniently just before bond hearing is scheduled to take place a picture of George Zimmerman’s blood soaked head magically appears out of no where. This picture certainly was not part of the evidence collected by Sanford Police on the night of the murder because they didn’t collect any evidence and exactly when did Sanford Police arrest George Zimmerman and take him to the station. It wasn’t that night because they didn’t arrest him.

By Sanford Chief Bill Lee own admission, he encountered Zimmerman in handcuffs but before he left the scene that night, he ordered the officers to take the handcuffs off of Zimmerman as Chief Lee ascertained that he would not be pressing charges against Zimmerman based on the fact that Zimmerman said that he shot and killed Martin in self defense and is exercising his” stand your ground rights.” So, tell me again! When was Zimmerman arrested?

Remember! Martin’s body was picked up and originally tagged at the morgue as a “John Doe.” Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee considered the case closed. It was Martin’s father that contacted the police department in search of his son and thus the nightmare began.

It would be interesting to read the report from the paramedics that treated George Zimmerman on the scene and exactly how it is worded in respect to Zimmerman’s wounded head and what if anything it said about finding Trayvon Martin’s dead body lying in the grass, face down.

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Special Prosecutor Angela Corey Will Work Through the Details of The Trayvon Martin Case Using Her Expertise: No Need For A Grand Jury

Angela Corey, special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case made a decision today that she will not need “The Grand Jury” to make her determination.

However, she is still sorting through the details of the case and will let the public know her conclusion as soon as the investigation is complete.

“Again. Special Prosecutor Angela Corey determined that she will not need The Grand Jury!”

Tune in for the latest developments on the Trayvon Martin Case.

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Renette Emile, 35, and mother of two: Fatally stabbed by her 16-year-old son, Kit Darrant

At first glance, you probably thought you read the title wrong, but unfortunately, the title is correct.

16-year-old Kit Darrant has confessed to at first choking his mother, Renette Emile, 35 and realizing that she wasn’t dead, went into the kitchen to retrieve a knife, then returning to her bedroom and subsequently stabbing her 14 times until she succumbed to her injuries.

This heinous crime was precipitated by an argument between Darrant and Emile over him staying out late on a school night. Just four days after the murder, Darrant invited a bunch of friends over to his apartment, where they apparently played music and partied until late at night; while his mother’s dead body was in the next room, authorities said.

In addition to his mother, Kit Darrant also shared the Northwest Miami-Dade apartment with his 3-year-old brother. His mother, Renette Emile, was found Wednesday night, nine days after police said Darrant attacked her in her bed, stabbing her 14 times.

“She was a good, hardworking mother,” said Emile’s sister, Rena Emile. The sisters were born in Haiti and came to this country when they were young. They have four brothers, three who still live in Haiti and the fourth lives in Miami.

Rena said the family grew up in Miami Shores, and Renette Emile graduated from Miami Edison Senior High School. At the time of her death, Renette Emile was going to nursing school and up until recently, was supporting her family by working as a security guard in her apartment complex, Jade Winds, located at 1720 NE 191st Street, in Miami-Dade.

Darrant, a student at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High, has not been in trouble with the law, other than a criminal trespass charge two years ago. School officials say, however, a crisis counseling team was assembled and would be available to go into each class that Darrant attended to “offer support.”

“He was very well known at school, very popular and active in school, clubs and played sports. It caught everyone by surprise.”

Said Eric Edelstein, the high school newspaper’s editor-in-chief.

This is the second high profile case involving a Krop student. Trayvon Martin, whose death made national headlines, was the first.

Rena Emile, Renette’s sister along with another family member, Jeanine Jolicoeur was making funeral plans on Friday and arrangements are incomplete at this time.

Rena said said she hasn’t been able to sleep or eat since she discovered that her sister had been killed and that she is still shaken by the gruesome turn of events.

“Only God knows the reason that Kit did something like this,” she said.

Renette Emile, dead at the age of 35, killed by her eldest son, Kit Darrant, 16, over an argument about him staying out late on a school night.

“Please pray for the family in their hour of need!”

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Trayvon Martin – Feel Stronger “Music Video” by J.Scar

Video Credit: J.Scar

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FBI formally begins Civil Rights Investigation in the Trayvon Martin Case

The FBI has begun a “parallel investigation” at the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida, focusing on whether the civil rights of Trayvon Martin were violated. The FBI actively started on Monday by interviewing potential witnesses in the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Agents are also seeking information into George Zimmerman’s background and whether he was racially motivated when he pursued Martin after calling a 911 police dispatcher about Martin’s presence in the community, an FBI official told NBC.

Craig Sonner, Zimmerman’s lawyer, still insists that his client, who has a white father and Hispanic mother, is not racist.

“This was not a case of racial profiling; George Zimmerman is not a racist, Sonner told NBC News on Sunday”.

Sonner told Reuters on Monday that Zimmerman would turn himself in to police should he be charged.

“The Wheels of Justice” finally appears to be turning in the right direction in spite of a maze of roadblocks in respect to “Justice for Trayvon Martin!”

The Truth is beginning to catch up with the lies and deceit of many! Through prayers and perseverance, Trayvon Martin’s Voice will be heard!!! “Too God Be the Glory!!!”

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Two Independent Voice Identification Experts Conclude: Screams for Help “NOT THAT OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN!”

Two independent voice identification experts examined the 911 tapes independent of each other but came to the same conclusion. “THE VOICE HEARD CRYING OUT FOR HELP ON THE 911 TAPE IS NOT THE VOICE OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN.”

The voice examiners used George Zimmerman’s voice from the call that he initiated to 911 as comparison.

Tom Owen, of Owen Forensic Services LLC and Chair Emeritus for the American Board of Recorded Evidence, with more than 30 years of experience states:

The voice heard crying for help on the 911 call just before Trayvon Martin was shot to death “WAS NOT THAT OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN” and he believes the evidence is strong enough to use in court, as he just wrapped up testifying on a murder trial that helped convict a defendant in a previous case.

Tom Owen further states that he believes the test will be admissible in court and it has a certainty rate of 99 percent.

Jeff Weiner of Orlando Sentinel ask Owen to review the 911 Tape.

Click here to listen to interview with Tom Owen

The other independent voice identification expert is Ed Primo who also reviewed a copy of Trayvon Martin’s 911 Tape with the screams for help, also concluded that the screams for help “WAS NOT THAT OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN!”

“Mr. Joe Oliver what does your gut tell you now?”

One by one, every action that George Zimmerman said Trayvon Martin committed against him is the complete opposite. With that said, in the future if you want to know the truth, “listen to George Zimmerman and flip-the-script, then unknowing to Zimmerman, you will have the truth!”

George Zimmerman saw what he describes as a stranger in his community and since “the a–holes always get away with it,” he made it his mission to make sure that this one didn’t get away.

Zimmerman proceeded to follow, stop and challenge Martin and when Martin didn’t say what Zimmerman wanted to hear, Zimmerman took matters into his own hands and continued to stalk Martin, catching him from behind; then proceeded to shot and kill an innocent man on February 26, 2012 and nothing that he, his team or Sanford Police can do to right that wrong [because clearly on the 911 tape Trayvon Martin was pleading for his life] but arrest Zimmerman, irrespective of who his father is and “Charge Him With the Premeditated Murder of Trayvon Martin.”

Do The Right Thing!!! Arrest George Zimmerman!!! Do The Right Thing!!! Arrest George Zimmerman!!!

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George Zimmerman’s video shows no sign of life or death struggle

Is this video for real or is it a made for the public reality piece?

It appears that the Sanford Police picked up George Zimmerman from his home, after he took his shower and changed clothes.

Where is the blood that should still be dripping from his broken nose and if the paramedics cleaned him up before they place Zimmerman in the police car, then he should have some type of bandage on his nose.

There is nothing wrong with his lip. What happened to the busted lip?

Zimmerman alleges that Martin continuously hit his head against the pavement; surely he should have quite a few lacerations to the back of his head as Zimmerman claims he was in the fight of his life?

After arriving at the police station, it was interesting that Zimmerman, with his hands behind his back, did not need any assistance getting out of the car. He actually jumped outside the car, appearing stoic not emotional or disheveled in the least.

Does he appear to look like someone who was in the fight of his life?

Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin and Sanford Police didn’t put on gloves as a precaution to protect their hands as well as preserve any evidence that they may have retrieved off of Zimmerman, why not?

At the station the police appeared uncertain as to what to do next with Zimmerman.

If this is truly taped from the police department, “Are you going to tell me that there is no date and time on this tape and why is the tape so grainy? I don’t believe this tape was taped on the night that Zimmerman killed Martin.

It is my understanding that Police Chief Bill Lee came to the scene of the crime that night and spoke to George Zimmerman, who was handcuffed in the back of the police car, agreed with his account and considered the killing of Trayvon Martin to be in self defense, released Zimmerman on the spot and no such arrest happened that night.

I believe this video is a pure fabrication of the facts and Sanford Police Department is backtracking in an effort to cover up their absolute negligence to the tenth degree in this case.

It would be interesting to know and see the clothing that George Zimmerman had on that night. Surely, it can’t be the ones that he is wearing, as the Sanford police would need them for evidence and they should have been as previously stated preserved for further analysis.

No! No! No! I’m not buying this made for TV video.

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