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Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito: Power and Politics!

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act), employees may file complaints with OSHA if they believe that they have experienced discrimination or retaliation for exercising any right afforded by the OSH Act, such as complaining to the employer union, OSHA, or any other government agency about workplace safety or health hazards; or for participating in OSHA inspection conferences, hearings, or other OSHA-related activities.

Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito case should prove to be very interesting as he is accusing his employer of the very same thing that his subordinate’s, Assistant Chief Roy Brown, and Commander Jose Perez,is accusing him of.

Chief Exposito can not hide behind the “Whistleblower Protection Act,” while at the same time allegedly violating someone else’s rights. “You can’t put your foot on my neck while at the same time screaming to others to get their foot off of your neck!” and expect the same or similar scenario’s to have different results.

Someone’s foot on your neck or your foot on someone else’s neck, anybody’s neck is against the law!” The word “Law” requires everyone to be treated equally, unless “there is a law for you and a different law for everyone else!

Power and Politics are strange bedfellows that are often intertwined with outcomes like a spider weaving a web for his next victim. Sometimes the victim is caught in the web and sometimes the spider becomes entangled in his own creation having to rely on the mercy of others to free him from his own trap.

What does the ole saying, “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” mean? It means that we make things difficult and complicated when we deceive others.

“Lies cost a lot to maintain, the “Truth is Free!” The truth will always walk down a lie every time …. It just takes longer. That’s why its imperative to “stand in your truth!”

As always! This is intermission time: You have half an hour to take a bathroom break and refresh your snacks! But hurry back to your seats, you don’t want to miss Act ɪɪɪ.


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George Anthony is on the brink of telling the Truth!!!

The secret that Mr. Anthony is trying to keep is eating him up alive. He is trying to subdue himself but the shame and guilt of what he knows is the truth! is about to over power him. He needs to come clean and just let it all out and tell the court what his involvement was and why he seems to be taking the death of little Caylee Marie so much harder than anyone else, including Casey, herself.

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Can we talk about the Health Care Issue?

There are people on both sides of the fence voicing their opinion about the government mandating that everyone have some type of health plan in the near future. Some say “where do I sign up?” while others say “no way! And you can’t make me!”

Where do you think the people that is saying “no way and you can’t make me are going?” I can tell you without a doubt that 95% of them are showing up in the emergency room at one of Jackson’s facilities.

Why? Because they have already been to the other hospitals and the other hospitals give them a couple of aspirins and quickly refer them to their private physician, which they don’t have, and wallow! Jackson Memorial, here they come. That’s a fact! You know it and I know it!

Why do you think that happens? Because the patient is either indigent/ un-insured and the for-profits hospital do not want to incur the expense of indigent care. Ask around! Ask the area hospitals to put a percentage on how much is allocated in their budget to treat the indigent/un-insured?

On the record, I’m sure that they will come up with a figure that sounds practical and looks good in print. But, off the record! They’ll laugh in your face and remind you that they are a for-profit hospital.

People, you need to face the hard truth! Everyone that’s breathing needs at least the care of a primary physician. Without it! The indigent/uninsured patient put their life at greater risk, if they arrive at the hospital unconscious and unable to speak, the attending physician has to start from the beginning. If it’s a true emergency, time will work against you.

If the patient has at least primary health care, then the attending physician at the hospital has a head start by consulting their doctor, thus saving valuable time and money,(that you don’t have since you’re either indigent or uninsured) possibly your life or the life of your love ones.

I understand the rich or those with insurance objecting to mandatory insurance because they already have it or can afford to pay out of their pocket for it. But if you’re poor, unemployed or underemployed, can you really afford not to at least have a primary care physician?

Do you really want to place your life in the hands of strangers when a life or death situation arises or do you want to have at least a fighting chance with a primary care physician who knows you as a person and not just a social security number?

People, you have to deal with reality, which means” the way it is, not the way you want it to be!”

Sometimes! The truth hurts!!! … but the truth is necessary!

The time to address this issue is now! Later, maybe too late!!!

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The American Public needs to see “Real not Fathom Solutions” to the Budget!

The time has come where the rubber meets the road! Over a trillion dollars is still committed to pork projects, so let’s start from the obvious. Every representative needs to take a hard look at their expense account and should be mandated to cut it at least by 50 percent.

Internal auditors should already be in the process of evaluating every single account, line by line and its existence should be justified and if it can’t be justified, it should be eliminated. People! We are in the critical stages of life support for respectability and sustainability throughout the world.

At this very moment, the international guard eyes are on every move that our administration make. The IMF has its hands on the trigger and at a moments notice ready to introduce SDR’s as the new international currency. Once this happens, you can take your dollars and use it for wall paper or better yet, gift wrapping paper of times gone by.

The administration and the other players can agree to disagree all they want too, but if they lose focus and continue to bicker pass the deadline and fail to act in respect to the debt ceiling, they all should just pack their bags and go back to their respective home bases and confine themselves to “house arrest” until the new administration is elected in 2012.

I don’t know about you! but I’m sick of all the political posturing, the name calling, the blame game, the power struggle, the one up on you, the I’ll show you speech…. E.NO.U.G.H! I’ve heard enough “Political Demagoguery” to last me two lifetimes!

Walter E. Williams, PhD, is the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., served as commentator for WorldNetDaily, wrote a thought provoking piece on “Political Demagoguery” in an issue published October 20, 2004, and so eloquently stated that “Politicians have a field day misleading Americans who, as a result of having been dumb down by our education system, can’t think, reason or analyze.”

At first, it sounds condescending…after a little soul searching, you must admit, there is an element of truth in this statement and sometimes the truth hurt.

Furthermore, Suze Orman, internationally acclaimed personal finance expert and currently during a series on “The Money Class” has challenged every one of us to do what? “Stand in Your Truth!” so I’m challenging the powers on Capital Hill to “Stand in Their Truth!” and stop lying to the American public. Lay it all out on the table and tell the public the truth about how the money is really allocated and what they are really going to do or not do about fixing this mess, then “Put-Up! Or Shut-Up!

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Stop trying to be something you’re not! No one cares about the superficial you. It’s the truth! Everyone can see beyond that anyway! You have pretended to be something that you’re not so long; until the real you is lost in transition. Go back! And start over by first taking a long and hard look at the person staring back at you in the mirror.

In case you don’t recognize that face, it’s Y.O.U.

Be proud of being who you are and what you have accomplished with God’s help and strive to always speak your truth and people will be happy just to be around the real Y.O.U.

Thought for Today:
Lord! Help me! To be the best me! I can be this day!

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