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What was George Zimmerman‘s state of mind the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin?

The year is 2012, in a free country called United States of America, a 17-year-old, young ,Black ,free, un-suspecting man by the name of Trayvon Martin is on his way back from the corner store to his father’s girlfriend’s house, starts a slow walk back home, while talking on his cell phone to his honey, [Awe, young love! does this sound like someone who was just in a fight?] armed with a packet of skittles and Arizona Iced Tea is gunned down; shot in the back and the killer is allowed to walk away, without even a written statement explaining why he took an innocent life and called it self-defense?

It’s hard to make sense of it all! How do you wrap your head around the circumstances and come to the conclusion that someway, somehow, it was self-defense?

One thing is clear! George Zimmerman left his home that night with a loaded gun. There is no way under or over the law that you can say that Zimmerman shot Martin in “self-defense”, “Stand Your Ground,” “straight out street-fight” or whatever; George Zimmerman committed murder that night and if it were not for Martin’s parents asking questions about the shooting, George Zimmerman would have left the scene, ready to kill again.

What you must remember is that George Zimmerman approached Martin not once but twice and what gave him the courage to approach Martin the second time, “a loaded gun!”

Even if there was an initial confrontation, Martin attempted to diffuse the situation by walking away, he could have stood his ground but he attempted to walk away, period.

If Martin knew that Zimmerman had a gun, do you think he would have walked away? Martin would have run away from fear of being shot.

It was one of Zimmerman’s neighbor {an elderly lady who began to cry as she told her story} that called 911 and said she heard what could be described as a struggle or fight.

And yet another neighbor and another, finally, another neighbor were on the phone with 911 calling about the same incident, when you eventually hear what is now known, as one shot from Zimmerman’s gun.

The two ladies that have appeared on TV lived two doors down. If it had been only one confrontation, then it would have begun and ended in front of the elderly lady’s house.

If Martin was walking and on the phone, he had to believe that his business with Zimmerman was over. If Martin was in a fight with a grown man, wouldn’t it be feasible that he would have run back to his father girlfriend’s house to get help?

That leads you to conclude that whatever took place, came too an end, enabling Martin to walk away before Zimmerman shot Martin in the back.

A grown man armed himself with a 9mm handgun and manages to shoot and kill and un-armed teen, after not the first but the second encounter, which he initiated both times, this is critical people, and cry self-defense or alleges that he was just “standing his ground,” as Judge Judy so poignantly say almost on a daily basis in her courtroom.

“Please Mr. Zimmerman! Don’t pee on my head and tell me it’s raining!” Your statement sir is “ridiculous!”

George Zimmerman needs to be arrested and charged with “First Degree Premeditated Murder,” because he had an opportunity to turn around, walk away and jump in his SUV, return home and call police, and he did not. Zimmerman was so zealous and riled up that he couldn’t even give a proper street direction to 911.

While the Sanford Police department requested a drug screening on Trayvon Martin, did they also test George Zimmerman for any type of drugs or controlled substance? Did they test the weapon to see how many times it had been fired? Did they retrieve the bullet as evidence?

How did the police department know that the blood from Zimmerman’s nose was his? It could have been Martin’s splattered blood on Zimmerman’s face and body. How close was Zimmerman to Martin when he shot him? If he was on Martin’s back then it would make sense that Martin’s blood would be all over Zimmerman’s person or did he shoot him from a distance and ran and jumped on his back?

“Either way, the Sanford Police screwed up big time, George Zimmerman screwed up big time and Trayvon Martin lay in a cold grave and yet another young & gifted Black man is gone to soon!”


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