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Even As Some Miami-Dade County Employees Receives Pink Slips: Reality Still Appears Hard to Grasp

When you are use to working with a government that has been known for such a long time as a “Government with an abundance of “Milk and Honey” it’s hard to conceptually accept that the government is now waiting along with many others in the food bank line.

Naturally, the employees of Miami-Dade County expect Mayor Carlos Gimenez, Board of County Commissioners and the Union Representatives to “pull the rabbit out of the hat” and make this nightmare go away. Unfortunately, this is not a dream and the nightmare is just beginning.

When the public think of government, they view it as the last safety net from the realities of a failed economy. They somehow can’t perceive a government that’s teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. What? The government can’t meet its responsibilities? How can that possibility be?

But it can’t meet its responsibilities! Because of the negative financial climate that’s not just in Miami-Dade County but virtually all the counties across this great land called the United States. It is a clear sign of the times and it’s not the exception to the rule but rather the rule. It is for all intense and purpose. “Our new reality and we must come to terms with it.

In the land of milk and honey, the honey has dried up and county government is left to take the milk and stretch it as far as humanely possible, with limits of course. Thus, the issue of the budget becomes a real reality, while consistently providing for 30,000+ employees with the monies that can only stretch to 25,000 employees.

Just as the real estate market begins to correct itself, so too must the government take corrective measures to correct its finances to maintain good fiscal health. It is not reality to maintain a workforce that was put in place to provide services for 25 individual cities, when 10 of the cities have decided to separate themselves from the county and start their own independent government.

As each city pulled away from the county; the county should have restructured its workforce but they didn’t and as more and more cities decided to incorporate, Miami-Dade County took a big hit financially, but failed to make the necessary corrections to its workforce.

Unfortunately, it’s time to make that painful and necessary correction. Miami-Dade County can no longer support its current workforce and must find a way to bring itself out of the red and back into the black.

Just about everyone has heard the expression, “You can’t squeeze blood out of turnips,” that’s a true expression. You can’t threaten to take the county to court for being broke!

Would you prefer that the county keep all the employees if their salaries were rolled back to minimum wages? That’s what former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger did when he realized that the federal government could not offer his state any assistance. Does that idea appeal to you? No! I thought not!

If you were Mayor of Miami-Dade County or the County Commissioners what would you do to solve the astronomical deficit that the county finds itself in?

“Don’t be part of the problem; rather be part of the solution!”


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Are the citizens of these United States reaching their boiling point?

As the country continues to take a free fall, using the middle class and the working poor as collateral damage, Wall Street continues to make billions off the backs of the unsuspecting owners of bad loans, home or otherwise, America finds itself at the crossroads of utter destruction.

How many more of the unemployed and the under-employed workers will have to lose their homes to foreclosure? How many more career employees will be displaced from their jobs within a couple years shy of their full retirement? How many more resumes will be submitted before a desperate worker receive just an invitation to be interviewed?

How long can 15 million workers remain unemployed without something catastrophe happening because they think that there is no hope for a job in the foreseeable future?

How long can a country run on auto-pilot before it tumbles and fall? Who are the people that are suppose to keep these United States on track, financially and otherwise? Why aren’t they held accountable for the mess that this country finds itself in?

The crime rate from state to state is at an all time high and climbing? Why are there more robberies in the broad daylight and suspects willing to shoot anyone that tries to stand between them and their ill-gotten loot? Why has crime increased 300 percent against churches and the elderly?

Why is it reported that things are improving, when you don’t know a single unemployed person who has been hired within the last six months? Why do you feel like screaming to the top of your lungs, when yet another politician tells you that “they’re working on a plan to put America back to work?”

How many more lies will be regurgitated over and over again until the public realize that they have been bamboozled? How much longer will the people remain calm before they take to the streets and demand accountability for this colossal nightmare that most American’s find themselves in?

Everywhere you go … you sense a spirit of desperation and every corner you turn, you see fear in everybody’s eyes! Unless something is done soon to turn this economy around, America will implode onto itself and there will be no winners!!! The people are desperate and “they need help now… not later!”

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Debt Ceiling: “Treat the Citizens of the United States with the same “RESPECT” given to Banks and Other Entities!”

The government bailed out 930 banks, including insurance companies, auto companies, mortgage servicers, investment funds and state housing organizations across the country, costing more than $700 billion to date, with taxpayer’s dollars. As of today they have received approximately $275 billion in payments, leaving $425 billion in outstanding debt.

U.S. bailing out troubled companies and even entire states started in the 70’s.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

The History of Government Involved Bailouts:

Year Name of Company Amount Guarantor:
1970 Penn Central Railroad 3.2 Billion
President Nixon and Federal Reserve

1971 Lockheed 1.4 Billion Congress
Comments: Congress passed the “Emergency Loan Guarantee Act”

1974 Franklin National Bank 7.8 Billion Federal Reserve

1975 New York City 9.4 Billion President Ford
Comments: President Ford signed the “New York City Seasonal Funding Act”

1980 Chrysler 4.0 Billion U.S. and Foreign Aid
Comments: In 1980 the “Chrysler Loan Guarantee Act” was passed.

1984 Continental Illinois Nat’l Bk 9.5 Billion F.D.I.C. and The Federal Reserve

1989 Savings and Loan 293.3 Billion
President George H.W. Bush
Comments: President George H.W. Bush signed and Congress enacted the
“Financial Institution Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act in 1989.

2001 Airline Industry 18.6 Billion President Bush
Comments: President Bush signed into law the ‘Air Transportation Safety and Stabilization Act.”

2008 Bear Stearns 30 Billion JP Morgan and The Federal Government

2008 Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac 400
Billion Placed under Conservatorship
Comments: Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac placed under conservatorship of the
‘Federal Housing Finance Agency.”

2008 American Int’l Group 180
Billion Federal Reserve and The Treasury

2008 Troubled Asset Relief Program 700
Billion Congress
Comments: Congress passed the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.”

2008 Citigroup 280
Billion Various Companies
Comments: The Tarp Program, Government, Treasury, FDIC, Federal Reserve;
All had a hand in saving Citigroup.

2009 Bank of America 142.2
Billion FDIC, Treasury, Federal Reserve

2011 United States of America “Who will rescue the people of the United States?”

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