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The Power of the Internet- Will No Longer Allow You to Have Selective Amnesia

With computers, video cameras and cell phones everywhere, it allows the public to receive real-time information and instant recall. You can no longer say, “I don’t remember saying that!” You no longer have to remember, the computer will!

You will be held accountable for your words and actions. If negative comments come off your lips, before you can close your mouth, you can find it attributed to you on the internet. These are the times in which we live! Words are no longer just useless verbiage to fill the gaps until something constructive is uttered.

Words can be used as weapons, to maimed, defame, kill and destroy.

People of these United States should not be collateral damage as a result of the verbiage of all three parties, the Tea Party, Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

As much as we would like to think that the actions of that young man weren’t politically motivated, it is very apparent that the seed was planted during the political debate. Was it the sole reason this unstable person opened fire on Congresswoman Giffords, Judge Rolle and others, No! But, was it the seed that set his actions into motion, Yes!

If the results of your words are attributed to something negative, you will be forever linked in history because of the internet. Don’t get caught up in the moment!

Everyone must be responsible for their own rhetoric in their camp. With the economy on life–support, jobs nearly non-existence, lack of proper healthcare, people continuing to be displaced from their jobs and homes with no hope in sight, any words uttered, regardless of the intent, could sound vitriolic in nature.

Be careful what you say… those same words can come back to haunt you someday…Oh! By the Way… Smile…You’re on Candid Camera!!!


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