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Gov. Rick Scott turned down Billions in Federal Aid: Now the Feds turned down Gov. Rick Scott.

Governor Rick Scott insisted that he would not take any of Washington’s tainted money. Some would say that its poetic justice, if it were not for all the constituents that are caught in the cross hairs. In politics they call it “collateral damage” or as Mitt Romney would call it “creative destruction.”

Remember the latest feel good phrase: “We want less government in our lives!” Well my friend, this is an example of less government and the scary part is that an entire state suffers because of the misguided allegiance to a party, rather than the people that elected now Governor Rick Scott.

Gov. Rick Scott did not hesitate to tell all that would listen, that he would reject any monies [$2 Billion to be exact] coming from Washington, regardless if it were needed [to build a high-speed rail line] or not and proceeded to do just that!

Gov. Scott proclaimed that he didn’t want Washington’s money and quickly took to the airways to let all his constituents know that he was standing firm in his belief, even though a rail system is desperately needed in Florida. There were many that cheered him on, “That’s right! We want less government in our lives!” Now, hold that thought…

Gov. Rick Scott also championed the cause to stop President Obama’s Federal Healthcare, which was subsequently approved by the Supreme Court, in part. Without consideration for the thousands of constituents that were currently without healthcare and no means to pay for private insurance. “That’s right! We want less government in our lives!” Now, hold that thought…

Gov. Rick Scott has also battled Washington by imposing new voting rules and thus throwing Florida in the spot light once again as the state that will more than likely create havoc before the election is over.

After all the disdain that Gov. Rick Scott has shown to Washington and the Federal Government, he suddenly has a change of heart [because Florida has suffered at the hands of hurricane Isaac] and decides that maybe having some of that “Federal Government Money” is not so bad after all. What happened to “We want less government in our lives?” Now, hold that thought…

So, what happens next! Gov. Scott proceeds to summons his aide to request funds from both FEMA and the White House. Did I read that right? FEMA, which is government and the White House, which is government has a request from Gov. Scott to help the State of Florida? That’s right! But wait a minute! I thought Gov. Scott and his constituents agreed to…No! Demand less government. Remember, “We want less government in our lives!” Now hold that thought…

FEMA and the White House apparently finally got the message that Gov. Rick Scott is serious about not taking money from the Federal Government and to help him stay true to his word, denied his request for Federal Aid and after all, “how would he be able to look his constituents in the eye after taking such a stance on “no government money will pass state line.” Now hold that thought…

You better wake up!!! Now hold that thought…

As Always….. Don’t Be Alarmed . . . Be Informed . . .


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Is the Tea Party working “For” or “Against” the American People?

I’m not the slightest bit worried about a government shutdown,” Tea Party supporter Robin Maas said at a March 31 rally in Washington. “I think we find out that there are many things government does that we really don’t need to keep this country going. And a government shutdown would actually save us some money.

We can’t impose our will on the Senate,” Boehner said. “All we can do is fight for all the spending cuts that we can get an agreement to and spending limitations as well.” To some of the Tea Party faithful, that sounded like giving up. Kathy Dirr, an activist from Boehner’s Ohio district, had a message for the House Republican leadership: “Take off your lace panties” and push for deeper cuts, she said.

Fact Box

Democrats 21%
Independents 35%
Republicans 53%
Tea Party supporters 62%

Boehner’s Republican colleagues in Congress recognize his conundrum. Conservative Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama acknowledged that the Tea Party movement may not “understand all the realities of Washington politics,” but on the substance of the issues — the need to reduce the size of government and bring down spending — “they are right fundamentally,” he told the ABC program “This Week” on Sunday.

House Speaker John Boehner appears to be caught between a rock and a hard place. Boehner’s hands appear to be tied by the “Tea Party Nation Founder, Judson Phillips, who has solicited via internet possible candidates to run against Boehner, if he doesn’t adhere to their demands. One of which is “They want to Shut Down the Government.”

I have been following Boehner for awhile now to evaluate his progress and to see if he really loves his country as much as he appears too by way of his emotions and other body language. If John Boehner loves his country, then we will see by his actions not lack of action.

As Mr. Boehner so eloquently stated, he aspired his entire life to be in the position that he finds himself in today. It would be a pity or even robbery for him to finally achieve what he has worked for all his life to be taken away by someone with half his experience, no real leadership skills and only taking directions from someone else with a hidden agenda.

House Speaker John Boehner, stand your ground and proceed based on what you know will be good for all Americans and not allow anyone to set you up to take the fall for a few ill intentioned members with hidden agenda’s, who really don’t have your best interest at heart. You know as well as I know, that in the end, if the Federal Government is shutdown, their names will not suffer at all but your name will be dragged through the mud, from which you may never recover. Who then would profit from such a feat?

The American public understands that there a two factions on Capital Hill, however, they expect both parties to always have the greater good in mind when making decisions with lasting consequences. The voters didn’t send their representatives to Capital Hill to succumb to blackmail but to stand up to their foes and do the right thing!

I’m saying, Man-Up! House and Man-Up! Senate and do what you promise your constituents that you would do for them and that is protect, serve and help lead this great nation, not run and hide and continue with the blame game.

Remember! 2012 is right around the corner and we will remember who actually worked for us and who worked against us, including the tea party members.

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The Giving Pledge

We Are the World!

Why are some of the wealthiest people in the United States, Gates, Buffett, Turner and others, asking the government to tax them more?

Their comments are:”The government has the tax system set up all wrong” and they want too and /or willing to pay their fair share, but are prevented from doing so, and questioning the government as to, “why?”

The group is quietly gaining attention and picking up momentum; slowly getting the message out to the public that the USA is in serious trouble, far beyond that which you can imagine or think.

When the New House takes office in January 2011, the first item on their agenda should not be “The Extension of Tax Cuts for the Rich,” while at the same time, deciding not to extend unemployment for the millions who are desperately trying to hold onto the very basic things in life to exist.

The House first item on their agenda should be how to collectively come up with an immediate, doable plan of action to put people back to work and turn this economy around.

Due to the urgency of the situation, there is no time to waste and even while on a so called “lame duck session” the members of the House should be doing their homework, so that they can indeed hit the ground running with a purpose and with solutions already on paper.

It is very telling that since the election, very few politicians have addressed the real issues of jobs, housing and immigration to name a few. However, they are constantly talking about repeal, discontinuing the extension of unemployment and making sure that the rich tax-cuts remain in place and oh! Don’t forget! No matter what! We (The New House) have to make sure that President Obama is not elected the next term.

Are you so small minded to not realize, that if President Obama boat sinks, you’re going with it? After all, you do live in the same United States, in which he governs. Look around! Everybody is suffering! For the first time, unemployment is non-discriminating.

Okay! So someone else is elected in two years, then what? Unless you begin to put a plan of action in place right now, today if possible, by working together, all the problems you have now will be compounded, along with other major, life threatening issues and by then, it could literally, be resting on your doorstep (private residence) not just in Washington.

If the wealthiest people in the world are coming together to try and find solutions to our many problems, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, to figure out that something is very, very wrong with this country and its thinking.

People! Don’t wait until the damage is irreversible! Think! Think! About what is really going on here.

You, on Capital Hill and We, the People can already see the seams of the USA cracking, like a broken mirror. The cracks are already showing, the evidence is everywhere and in two years they will appear as a jigsaw puzzle of the face of these United States, unless everyone assigned to the task can collectively put their personal and private differences aside and realize that you have been appointed by the people and for the people; entrusted with their very lives, to find ways to create jobs, tackle immigration problems and find workable solutions to bring this issue to a reasonable conclusion, with laws in place for every state to uniformly comply with; slow down the foreclosures,[investigate every bank or firm responsible for forging documents]. Improve education and attach a skill requirement with each diploma. Stop trading with countries that have no respect for your products and services. Tax US firms who outsource their jobs simply for the bottom line.

Remember the phrase:
“It always looks easy, when someone else is doing it.”
“Unto Which Much Is Given, Much Is Required.”

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