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Too many unanswered questions to say George Zimmerman’s account of what happened can be corroborated: It’s far from a wrap

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According to the news article written for The Orlando Sentinel much of what Zimmerman told police have been corroborated by witnesses but the most critical part , the part that Martin punched Zimmerman and that is the initial punch Zimmerman told police about. So, “exactly what was corroborated if no one saw Martin punch Zimmerman?”

If Zimmerman had a bloody nose, a swollen lip along with a gash to the back of his head, surely Sanford Police Department took pictures of his condition to validate claims of self-defense.

Allegedly, according to the report Martin approached an unknown person without provocation from behind, which was Zimmerman, [remember as Martin walked back to his father girlfriend’s house he was on the cell phone with his girlfriend] but somehow he managed to punch Zimmerman in the nose, sending him to the ground and beating him, yet he was able to maintain a conversation with his girlfriend at the same time, it just doesn’t make sense; and if someone actually witnessed such an incident, they would have come forward to say they saw Martin knock Zimmerman to the ground.

Another witness, a young Black little fellow said he saw someone on the ground with a red shirt. Ask if he saw anyone else, he said “no!” Assuming his statement is correct; Zimmerman could not be in fear for his life, since the young little fellow didn’t see anyone else.

The report states that there was a corroborated witness that placed Martin on top of Zimmerman, punching him and it was indeed Zimmerman who was crying out for help. If that were true, why didn’t the two ladies who had plain view of Zimmerman on top of Trayvon, witness him crying or showing any emotion.

Too the contrary, one of the ladies reported that Zimmerman was straddling Martin, on his knees, pressing against Martin’s back, looked stoic and showed no emotion only telling one of the witnesses, after they repeatedly asked him “Is everything alright?” He simply said; “Call the police!”

The two ladies also made a point of telling the reporters that they heard no commotion, no fist-fight, nothing that indicated a fight had taken place, only the sound of the gun going off and the cries for help stopped.

It is interesting that the report states that paramedics arrived and offered aid to Zimmerman but did not say what, if any aid was offered to Martin.

“Did the police department know that Trayvon Martin was already dead before they arrived and if so, how did they know?” Did George Zimmerman place another call to the police department to say that he just shot and killed Martin?

Why couldn’t the Sanford Police Department locate Martin’s father the same night the shooting took place since he was within the complex visiting his girlfriend?

The lie-detective expert should be busy for awhile as the prosecutor attempt to weed out the truth from the lies. It would be very interesting to see who will be the first person to fail the test and are force then to tell the truth and nothing but the truth in a court of law.

Until then, the marches will continue and the “Justice for Trayvon Martin” signs will be seen on every corner.


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