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Whitney Houston drowned in a foot of hot water: Accident or Opportunist

It would be so easy to discount Whitney Houston’s death as an accident due to contributing factors, such as Cocaine, Xanax and Alcohol.

Yet the coroner repeatedly states that the level of sedative found in her blood was low.

Empty beer bottles were also found in her room but alcohol was not detected in her body.

Houston suffered several scald burns on her face at the time of her death and she was found in the tub face down.

You have to wonder if at the time of her death, did Houston voluntarily used cocaine or if someone intentionally gave her an over-dose.

Where is the person that felt he had to clean-up the room before the police arrive?

And who was he protecting, Houston or himself?

And why did he leave the country?

Nope! It’s too easy to say that Houston had a terrible accident because surely, that wouldn’t be questioned due to her history.

But on that day! And the few minutes leading up to her untimely death . . . what really happened . . . to leave Houston face down in a foot of hot scaling water . . . surrounded by bodyguards?

“This is not the end of the story even though the book has closed and her life is no more!”


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