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Casey Anthony catwalk from the big house to the big screen; Not so Fast!

Casey Anthony’s reality may prove to be very different from her fantasy of laying on the beach sipping margaritas in Costa Rica.

Casey told her cellmate that she was already practicing her walk and facial expressions, now that she is a celebrity. No mention of taking time to moan the lost of little Caylee Marie.

Watching her initial expression, inside of the jail, you could tell that she was trying hard not to smile. After being advised by her attorney/agent, Jose Baez, Casey quickly put on her acting face and immediately changed her facial expression as she exited the jailhouse, because of the angry crowd outside.

Otherwise, she probably would have exited the jailhouse waving at the crowd as though she just won a beauty pageant.

Casey went from the jailhouse to one of her attorney’s office, where they quickly gave her a new passport, change of clothes and a wig and put her on a private plane, and off she went with her escort to parts unknown or so they think!

Why would anyone want to pay Casey Anthony for throwing her child away, like yesterday’s smelly trash? It should make everyone who is human sick to their stomach! Any company who would try to capitalize off this tragic turn of events will have Caylee Marie’s innocent blood on their hands.

Casey shouldn’t waste her time getting plastic surgery, because she is going to tell everyone who is willing to listen who she really is anyway. Why? She wants the fame! Can’t you see it now? “What? You don’t know who I am? You better recognize “I’m Casey Sick Anthony!”

And this is not the end of the story!


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  1. She’ll expect to be treated as though she were at the Ritz. Waited on hand and foot. Lazy as ever. I imagine Baez will very quickly lose patience with her 24/7. You’re right, she’s imagining a life of leisure and luxury. What she’s not getting is that the second she’s not worth any money to Baez, she’ll be on her own. She’s simply a means to an end for him. He’ll keep her around taking his cut as long as there’s a cut to be taken. Then he’ll cut her loose.

    Just imagine the jail staff watching her practice her walk and expressions through the glass wall in her cell! Priceless entertainment. She’ll be back in prison or dead within five years.

    Comment by sophie | July 17, 2011 | Reply

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